Face-Self Massage That Will Make You Look At Least 10 Years Younger, And It Doesn’t Cost A Penny

A massage to rejuvenate your face. Is is new for you? Well, it is an old method used by Tanaka Japanese.

It’s old but awesome as you get fresh and wrinkle free face in just 2 weeks. The only rule you have to follow is that you should do it regularly for 2 weeks without any pauses.

This Tanaka Japanese massage will provide you benefits like skin tightening, removal of wrinkles and formation of correct facial lines.

The method has proven successful in just 2 weeks regular massage.

The massage boosts the lymph glands in your body and makes the excretion of toxins quicker. It also accesses the fluids from the face.

The massage actually does not require any oils or creams. But still you can use the cottonseed oil for additive advantage.

The oil is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids and lot of vitamins. Almond oil and olive oil are also the good options for the massage.

Self Massage Procedure 

Exercise- 1

  1. Take both your palm and place it on your chicks starting from your ear. Your fingers should reach the part of your face near to your ears.
  2. Pull the palm to downward direct towards your neck. Repeat this step 3 times.

Exercise- 2

  1. Now, Use 3 of your fingers and place them right in the centre of your forehead.
  2. Then, push outward from the forehead, While pressing down use both hands to slowly move to the temple.
  3. Repeat this motion gently for 3 times ( for puffy forehead you can use this process 5 times)

Exercise- 3

  1. Now, switch to eye massage uses your middle finger to start from outer corner of eyes
  2. Move it along underneath and upward to the inner corner of your eye to the brow and then from the inside corner to your eye.
  3. Repeat this process for 3 times.

Exercise- 4

  1. Now, Use your finger to press from the centre of the corner of the mouth.
  2. Pass both sides of the mouth and finally reaching underneath your mouth.
  3. Maintain the pressure and repeat the process for 3 times

Exercise- 5

  1. Now, move to the both sides of your nose wings
  2. Slowly massage both sides of your nose wings using your fingertips
  3. Push it towards the arch of your nose slowly. Do repeat the process for 3 times

Exercise- 6

  1. Next moment is focused on nasolabial folds. Place the fingers in the centre of your chin and push slowly towards each side.
  2. Pass in the corner of the mouth and along the wing of the nose towards the inside corner of your eyes. Hold some pressure for 3 seconds at this outer place.
  3. Then push towards the temple and massage downwards to the collar bone. Repeat the process 3 times.

Exercise- 7

  1. Place one hand gently on the side of a face use the other hand to press towards the inside corner of the eye diagonally.
  2. At the inside corner of the eye, gently press down for 3 seconds. Later move towards the ear, passing along the lymph line and downward to the collar bone. Repeat the process 3 times.
  3. Now, change the side of your face which gets the pressure and repeat the process again for 3 times.

Exercise- 8

  1. First keep your hands on your chicks in the extended outward position horizontally.
  2. The index finger and middle finger should be perpendicular to the wings of your nose pushing outward into the front of the ear.
  3. Pass through the lymph line and down to the collar bone. Repeat this step 3 times

Exercise- 9

  1. For Loosening, the checks follow the given steps
  2. From chin use the soft bottom part of your thumb to continuously push the fat upward on your face. Press for about 3 seconds.
  3. Then push away horizontally to the ears and strike downwards to the collarbone
  4. Repeat the step 3 times

Exercise- 10

  1. This is to lift up the whole face muscles
  2. Use both your thumbs around the chin and cover-up the ring on the face
  3. Now, fold it like you are going to call out to someone. Make sure there is no gap between your hand and your skin
  4. Now, move towards the ear, Let your thumb slide underneath the chin and down to the collar bone. Repeat this 3 times

To eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead just move your hands slowly on the forehead from upward to downward and then downward to upward for some time. And lastly, just slide down your hand from the forehead towards the ear and then to the temple. End it at the collar bone.

Use this different face massage steps to get the fresh looking face in just 2 weeks.

Face Massage Video