5 Beneficial Foods Which You Probably Avoid

It is a matter of grave concern that many foods that are currently being sold as health-promoting ones actually endanger your physical well-being! Are you aware of that? In this article, you will read about 5 such foods, which really are detrimental to your health.

So, continue reading and contribute to your own safety

  1. Low-Fat Peanut Butter: When you consider a peanut, the maximum health benefits are derived from the oil present in it. And, the low-fat peanut butter is sold to you only after the oil has been taken out. Thus, the very purpose of consuming it is destroyed!

 Also, the calorie count of the low-fat peanut butter is same as that of the regular type. In fact, when the quantity of sugar is viewed, the normal variety of peanut butter is way behind the “healthy” low-fat one. The bottom-line is clear: Avoid low-fat peanut butter.

  1. Energy Bars: An energy bar is another food that is erroneously treated as being a healthy one. These bars are marketed with the claims that they increase your muscle strength and help you to lose excess weight.

 But the reality is that, the energy bars are full of calories and also have excess quantity of sugar. Do you need any further reason to stay away from these foods? To quickly boost the energy level, it is much better to depend on the nutrients in a banana.

  1. Commercially Sold Fruit Juices: It is not at all surprising if you are astonished on seeing the mention of fruit juices here! Fruit juices are known to provide many healthy benefits! Then, why are you urged to avoid them?

Well, the juices sold in various outlets are pasteurized ones, which are devoid of the nutrients that actually are supposed to be found in them. Also, you must understand that by consuming these juices, you are pumping in plenty of calories into your body. Therefore, these juices are best avoided.

Instead, walk into the kitchen and make your own fruit/vegetable juice. By this, you will really gain from the beneficial properties of beetroot, apple, strawberries, etc.

  1. Soy foods: Even “soy foods” could have come as a shocker to many of you! This is because; these foods have been promoted as healthy ones since a fairly long time. In light of that, how can they be called as foods imperiling the health?

Here, please note that almost all the soy foods that are now grown in USA are genetically altered varieties. To put it in other words, they include a chemical pesticide that obviously is dangerous. Many persons do not have the required enzymes to digest soy foods, too.

  1. Non-fried crackers and chips: Non-fried crackers and chips are very deceptive foods, in that many people treat them to be healthy alternatives for the fried varieties. But, nothing can be farther from the truth! Starch or refined grain is used to make a major chunk of these types of crackers and chips.

And, starch and refined grain come with alarmingly high calorie counts, which obviously do not promote health. Medical research clearly points out that these ingredients make a person more vulnerable to cancers, diabetes and heart ailments, etc.

So, those are the 5 foods that, contrary to popular claims, in no way contribute towards your good health. In fact, they increase your susceptibility to many serious conditions.

As you are now fully informed about the facts, please maintain a distance from these foods and, remain healthy for a long time to come. Do not forget to drop in a few words about how this article has helped you.