5 Health Benefits Of Superfood Teff

When it comes to superfood, Teff should actually come at the top position. But unfortunately, not many of us know about Teff. It is one of the best food which you should consume to keep your body healthy. If you are a health conscious individual then Teff should be the main ingredient in your diet.

It is originated in Ethiopia and this nutrient-dense seed sized grain is actually gluten-free. The new information for you is Teff is a national dish in Ethiopia. It is also popular worldwide as the healthiest alternative to wheat flour.

Let us look in detail at the health benefits of Teff- a superfood.

1. High In Nutrients

Want a high mineral content food? Teff is the answer for you. It is rich in calcium and packed with amino acids. You can get 123 mg of calcium from 1 cup of cooked Teff. It also has ample amount of iron, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, K and thiamin in it which are the vital nutrients required to keep the body healthy. It most certainly boosts the immune system and fights off the infection efficiently.

2. Gluten-free

Yes, you got your gluten-free ingredient now! It is a gift of nature for individuals suffering from celiac diseases. A study conducted on 1800 celiac patient found that the one who regularly consume teff has experienced a significant reduction in the symptoms of celiac disease. For a gluten-free diet, teff is the best option. You can make cookies, bread and pancakes using teff flour and just replace wheat flour in almost all your recipe with teff flour.

3. High Iron content

As compared to any other cereals the intake of teff provides quick relief from iron deficiency. The iron present in teff is easily absorbed by our body. It is highly recommended that individual with low blood iron should consume at least 1 cup of teff every day to get rid of the deficiency. A recent medical study has proven that when the grains of teff have been thrashed on the ground, the iron content of soil increases drastically.

4. Fights Diabetes

For the battle against diabetes, you can very well use the resistant starch content in teff. The carbohydrates present in teff are 20-40% resistant starches which support the blood sugar management process in the body. It has a relatively low glycemic index and thus it is very helpful to keep the blood sugar levels steady.  Another benefit of teff diet is that it helps in weight control and reduces the chance of obesity.

5. Aids Digestion

It is rich is fiber and thus teff is considered as digestion regulator. It also reduces the inflammation and blood pressure. It helps to balance the cholesterol level in the body and removes the excess of fatty acids.

Due to all these health benefits of teff, this grain is gaining the popularity among health conscious people. You should also give it a try and see the stunning changes in your medical condition. Try out yummy pasta or pancakes of teff and you will be thankful to nature for this incredible ingredient.

Share with us the yummiest teff recipes which you made at home!