5 Things to Remember If You’re Suffering From Depression

When you stumble across this article, we know what you are going through. We can see the half sleep in your eyes which you haven’t got since a long time. We can feel the pain in your heart which says everything is over.

But play attention to your slow breath you are taking right now, that breathe which going inside you wants to keep you alive. Your heart and your mind and your body want to live again a happy life. Don’t you want it? Off course, you want to smile again and shine again and get up to fight again.

Let these words whisper in your ear, you are an incredible person, a person who is special and unique. The time has shown you the darker side, but you can open a small window in your heart and the world will be full of the light of hope.

You might be depressed due to any reason, but you know what you don’t need any reason to be happy. If you can experiencing a hopeless period in your life and feel little low then it is time to look the situation more carefully than ever.

5 Things To Remember If You’re Feeling Depressed

You can change the approach towards depression and it will be easy for you to deal with it. You can conquer the depression and get rid of all awful feelings, just remember these 5 things when you feel low.

1. Get Help

You don’t have to feel shy and embarrassed; you have try and get peace of mind. This will be the most proactive step to beat the depression. According to Danny Penman, Ph.D., of Psychology Today the solution on the sadness which is covering you out is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

It is a combination of the Western concept of cognitive therapy with the Eastern meditation. The MBCT is a simple technique which involved mindfulness meditation. You just have to sit relaxed with your eyes closed and try to focus on your breathing. Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath and you will feel detach from the world around you. After this session, you just have to answer some questions which are based on cognitive therapy. You can get this help online or can get in touch with a therapist to recover quickly from depression.

2. You Are Far More Than Depression

When we are sick we always think, this is it the illness is going to get me. However, with a proper medication and diet, our body fight the sickness and we become healthy all over again. The depression is similar kind of ailment which can be fought back and you can get back to normal life.

Remember depression does not define you; it is just a phase which is going to pass on. Just like 3 days common cold symptoms the mood swings due to depression can also be cured.

Prince Ea videos on YouTube is what you can watch which talks a lot about depression. Prince uses an analogy of sky to explain the situation. He mentions that ‘YOU ARE SKY”, and the depression, sadness, and frustration which are troubling you a lot are just passing clouds. Some clouds might appear big, some white, some black. Sometimes they might fill the sky but ultimately they pass by. They come and go but the sky remains the same.

So, all you should remember is that the thoughts will come and go but it does not change who you are. You can just find yourself again and get a sunny day with no clouds at all.

3. Overthinking Is Normal

Here is a secret you should know, overthinking is not your nature but it is a normal part of depression. You can start thinking a lot about the bad experiences you had in the past and the question why me? what went wrong? might haunt you.

Jacqueline Marshall of PsyWeb states that the negative thoughts are likely to amplify. We keep getting the troublesome memories again and again which makes us feel a lot more depressed.

The normal incidents in the life like a small argument with a friend can bring back all the old memories and the overthinking will begin again.

You can just stop this cycle and keep in mind that overthinking is not getting you anywhere. If you face any issue in your family life, career, finances or relationship then be more active than spending more time in thinking. Express yourself quickly rather than thinking about the situation without saying a single word. Talking about the issue can get you near the solution, overthinking will not.

4. Keep Doing The Things You Love Doing

When you just want to stay in the bed all the time and even you get bored afterwards by just being on the bed is what a typical sign of depression. This is not the time to be inactive; this is the time to discover you.

Remember the last time you did what you actually like to do. It may be music, a long drive, painting, horse riding, photography, watching movies. Anything which you enjoy can be your road towards recovery.

Let it be what happened in the past, but the future is still in your hand. And you can enjoy your future with the passion which you have within. So, ignite your lost passion again. Meet up with people who share the same passion with you. Tell the world what you like to do and do it because you love to do it. Enjoy every moment of your life!

5. It All Gets Better

We know it feels at rock bottom now. But you are going to survive this situation. You are going to fight back and the worrier within you will not stop until you win the battle. If you enjoy music then Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees can be the best medicine for you to get rid of all the negative thoughts.

Remember you came here on the earth to live your life. It is in your hand to live it gracefully. You might not able to handle the external situation but you can handle your inner thoughts. Be 100% positive about your life and life will amplify the happiness for you. This is not the end, this is the beginning of a new, happy, joyful and enjoyable life. Let’s begin to live!