8 Signs You May Have A Blood Clot

The terribly frightening words are ‘blood clot’! It is true that our blood has a property to clot when it is required. Like when we get some injury, the body stops bleeding after some time. This is a natural property to prevent the blood loss. However, the unexpected blood clot can lead to serious medical problems like heart attack and stroke.

If your body is experiencing the unexpected and not required blood clot then there are some signs which you can observe. Remember this blood clot is dangerous and thus you should be careful about the symptoms.

1. Swelling in one limb

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a kind of blood clot which prevents the smooth blood flow in the body. It is dangerous as it also prevents the flow of oxygen to reach the vital organs in our body.

2. Leg pain or tenderness

The cramp or pain in the leg can occur due to a blood clot. The tenderness in the leg is due to the interrupted blood supply and it can lead to a charley horse.

3. Red streaks on your skin

A strange mark or bruise in the form of a blood clot is dangerous for you. If you can observe red streaks running along with your veins it is not a normal bruise. You need medical attention immediately. If you touch the bruised area, it will feel warm to you.

4. Chest pain with deep breathing

A chest pain along with deep breathing is a set alarm for a blood clot in the lung area. These symptoms can turn fatal and thus immediate medical intervention is required.

5. Shortness of breath

Racing heart, dizziness, and shortness of breath also indicate the blood clot in lungs. It is important to have clear check up in this condition.

6. Unexplained cough

A cough without any cold symptoms can be linked with a blood clot in lungs. Pay attention to your breath, chest and heart rate.

A blood clot is a dangerous phenomenon which can lead to death. There are many cases in which people die due to a blood clot in the body. However, the reasons are often declared as heart attack or stroke, but in reality, the blood clot leads to the stroke which ultimately turns fatal.

So, in any case of a blood clot if you observe any of these 8 signs then immediate consult the doctor and get full check up done. It is important to take medical help in this case to save the person.