8 Signs You Had A Stroke And Might Not Know It. Don’t Ignore These Sign

Do you know what are two most important things your brain needs to function properly? The two things are oxygen and a steady supply of blood. The obstruction in the blood vessels leading to the brain can result in bleeding in the brain and a stroke. The stroke is of two kinds- ischemic and hemorrhagic. Both strokes can be fatal and thus the early symptoms of stroke should not be ignored.  In the list of reasons which lead to death in the USA, stroke is mentioned at 5th place. Thus, it is important to recognize the signs of stroke and take essential action to avoid the death of the patient.

Here are 8 symptoms which can be observed before stroke hits you-

Headaches and migraines

A constant headache and migraine indicate the interruption in the supply of oxygen or blood to the brain. This condition can lead to stroke, so you should maintain a health journal and note down the frequency of a headache or a migraine you experience. If the frequency is too high then immediately consult a doctor and get proper treatment to avoid a stroke.


Sudden fatigue without any physical or stressful work can be a sign of stroke. This is the most serious symptoms which you should not overlook.

FAST is the acronym developed by American Stroke Association to create awareness about symptoms of stroke: FAST indicates signs as follows:-

F – Face which is drooping on one side of your body

A – Arm which has become numbed

S – Speaking difficulties. It is observed that a patient often find it difficult to speak normally before the stroke. So, if you find that you are speaking garbled then the stroke is on its way and you should get admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

T – Timing. You will feel that there is no time left, so as you notice the first symptoms just get medical help instantly to prevent brain damage.

There are some other stroke symptoms as well which you should be aware of:

Vision problems in one eye only

If you are not able to see anything properly from one of your eyes, it might be a sign of stroke.

Brain fog and difficulty thinking

As the brain starves from blood and oxygen it has a major impact on your thinking ability. Thus, you might feel confused, not able to think or speak properly.

If you find any of these symptoms then the first thing you should do is to call an ambulance. It is very crucial for your life that you get medical help in time. Reach to the hospital immediately to save your life.