9 Bizarre Home Remedies Our Grandparents Used That Actually Work!

It is a real bliss to have your grandparents around you. We might don’t understand the way of living they follow due to the generation gap, but they continuously shower love on us. That feeling of being loved and cared which your grandparents provide are just too special.

Moreover, grandparents have a long experience of living life with comparatively less comfortable times. They know many hacks which we are not aware of. There are many health-related home remedies which our grandparents share with us.

Being a science follower we might don’t take that advice seriously, but now you will know the science behind the small health tricks that your grandparents share with you.

Check out 9 bizarre natural remedies our grandparents used which are scientifically proven and easy to use at home.

1. Raisins for Arthritis

The dried up berries which we kids like to have in snacks time are very effective to provide relief from symptoms of arthritis.

We often observe our grandparents to soak the golden raisins overnight in a spoonful of gin. The raisins consist of healthy vitamins with anti-inflammatory properly which helps to reduce the swelling and provide instant relief from pain.

You will not feel drunk at all! So no worries about that, additionally you can consume a yummy gin all day long just to treat arthritis.

2. Celery for Bad Breath

Did your grandparents ever scold you for chewing gum all the time? You come up with the reason that grandpa I am trying to get rid of bad breath using this gum packet. Well, they will provide you a solution on bad breath in the form of celery.

All you have to do is to stick some celery in your mouth and chew it for a while you will instantly get rid of bad breath. It works very efficiently.

3. Lemons for Earache

Yes, it does sound yucky! But lemon juice is very effectively to stabilize the pH levels in the ears and thus provides relief from an earache. You have to take out juice from a fresh lemon and take it on the ear bud. Put it into your ear for 1-2 minutes and soon it will alleviate the earache issue.

4. Nettles Cure Hair Loss

You too had a question that why grandparents prefer to have nettles as a drink? The reason will just blow your mind. Nettle lead is a rich source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins like A, C, D and B complex. All these nutrients are great for hair maintenance and hair growth. It makes hair luxurious, strong and reduces hair fall.

So, just make some nettle tea for you using 4-6 nettle leaves. Boil the leaves in water and enjoy the drink to keep your hair healthy.

Note: Don’t have a crazy intake of nettle tea as it has a high level of silica in it and high doses can be harmful to your health.