5 Ways To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

Negative people around you will always try to pull your legs down and make you feel dull. Also, people who feel compassion towards others and who are sympathetic may feel the burden of empathy by looking at others in pain.

The negative thought around you actually absorb your energy and may you physically, mentally and spiritually disturbed. It is important to feel emotional about people who you love but it should not go beyond a limit where you allow other to make a circle of negativity around you.

Here are 5 simple ways to stop absorbing negative energy

Stop People Pleasing

Emotional people tend to take criticism personally. You have to learn to differentiate between the constructive feedback which you get from people and the gossip which people do behind your back.

You don’t have to be depended on praise of others to be happy. Be always aware that in any situation you can’t be favourite of everybody and can’t please everybody around you. So, love yourself, know what is best for you and don’t let comments from others to bring you down.

Keep Vampires At Bay

We many times feel it is our responsibility to solve problems of our friend. But have you ever had a feeling that problems in your friends life are sucking up all your energy? If yes, then won’t let it happen.

In a true sense, this kind of people is emotional vampires. They emotionally and physically drain others by constantly pouring negativity in life. This kind of friends will always drag you to provide support during their bad times but often remain unavailable when you need support due to some reason.

So, stop taking the burden of somebodies else’s problem and miss your own life. The drama in someone’s life is not going to help you in any terms thus reduce your involvement in such people around you.

Say No

It is a popular quote that “Don’t let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet.” This justifies that your don’t have to let people walk into your mind and make you behave like a robot.

It is not necessary that you listen to everybody and say ‘yes’ to all their demands and expectations. It is important for you to set your boundaries and decide what you want to do and what you don’t like to do.

When you go beyond your wish and happiness to do something just for other sake it will create a huge emotional burden on you. Remember your heart and time are very precious. Don’t allow anybody to block it with bad.

Learn to say ‘no’ to the things you don’t like. Don’t let people hold you back with pressure of their expectation. Speak up and express what is your own plan for your life.

Enjoy “Me” Time

If you are not spending time alone then you are missing a conversation with your life expert. Yes, it is true, some time alone is very important to listen to your inner voice.

Go for an alone drive in the fresh air and close to nature. Enjoy every moment of your life and your inner voice will build up a new motivation for you. Soak up new energy from natural world keep aside all your worries for a while.

Take Responsibility

Don’t be dependent on others for happiness in your life. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Whatever be the situation, try to remain strong and don’t let others have power over you.

Once you take up the responsibility to manage your emotions you will be able to keep it uninfluenced by others. You will start loving yourself again and the confidence will grow up.

Keep environment around you fresh and full of positive thoughts. Let the negative thought process vanish and be sure that you don’t let other make you feel negative.

A good cry on mistakes or emotional flood is sometimes good to remove negativity from the life. Look ahead with a fresh and can do attitude. Stay charge up and stay happy!