15-Year-Old Puts Cancer Industry to Shame: Develops 100% Accurate Cancer Test Using Google

Jack Andraka a just 15- year old teenager who belongs to Crownsville, Maryland, is a new hope for a cancer patient. He is the Teen Prodigy of Pancreatic Cancer and invented a unique method to detect lethal cancer.

Jack experienced a tragedy due to cancer; his close friend was patient of pancreatic cancer and died due to the disease.

The death of Jack’s friend has made him do a resolution to change the situation of cancer treatment and make it more accurate.

The shocking fact is that pancreatic cancer is the deadly diseases which have taken 34,000 lives due to delay in detection. The testing methods to detect the diseases are outdated and 60 years old and cost around $ 800.

Moreover, the method is not accurate and fails to detect cancer in 30% of pancreatic cancer cases.

Jack realized that delay in detection is the main cause of death in the case of pancreatic cancer and thus he focused on the designing the method for early detecting of cancer in the initial stage.

The detection test designed by Jack’s is 100 % accurate and takes only 5 minutes using Google and Wikipedia.

It costs just 3 cents and makes use of online resources like Wikipedia and Google which is available with almost everyone who uses internet connection.

Amazingly the test is 168 times faster than the old method as well as 26,000 times cheaper. In the case of accuracy, the newly designed method is 400 times more sensitive as compared to the old method to detect cancer.

It is the useful discovery by the teenager and can be used as a tool to save the cancer patients at early stages.

However, it is a shame for cancer industry which has not taken an initiative to get something more updated to treat cancer.