Alert! Throw Away Your Fidget Spinner Immediately – Authorities Release New Report Saying It Can Kill Your Child

It is indeed a shocking discovery! A recent research has shown that popular kid’s toys which are known as fidget spinners have some health related side effects. The researchers have discovered a huge amount of contamination in the toy and thus they are proven to be harmful to children.

The fidget’s spinner is a toy which consists of blades and ball burning to rotate. The toys are manufactured in oversea countries and the strict controls over quality are not implementing in their manufacturing process.

The toys which are imported from China are found to be containing huge quantities of lead in it. This issue is not found in all the fidget spinners but the problem is there is a difficulty to recognize which toys have harmful substance and which one is free from it.

Unfortunately, there are no patents for the production of these toys, this implies anyone and produce them across the world.

What Do The Tests Say?

In the research 3 fidget spinners were tested using XRF instrument to detect the poisoning due to the presence of lead. The results showed that 2 of the fidget spinners were free from lead which the one was detected with high levels of lead and mercury.

The researcher then disassembled the fidget spinner with the help of led lights. And the test later showed that high amount of lead and mercury was present in the toy. Specifically, 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of mercury and 19,000 ppm of lead were discovered.

The unpainted metal base of this toy consists of 2,452 ppm of lead and 1,562 ppm of mercury. The scientists tested six more fidget spinners from Yomaxer only to discover that those contained 42,800 ppm of lead.

As the regular consumers don’t have access to XRF instrument, it is recommended that one can prepare this toy at home and don’t buy it from any store.

Recently, last week only, the customs officials of EU have seized 200,000 of fidget spinners. As these toys were failed to follow the health standards of the country.

Parents should be always conscious and aware of such health harms which new toys can cause their children. Before you buy anything for your child, make sure you investigate about the toy or food item and confirm whether it is safe to use.