5 Legal Herbs That Will Expand Your Consciousness And Alter Your Dreams

Dreams are always termed as fantasy world which reflect your conscious mind when you are asleep. Here are some herbs which are legal to induce and augment the dreams.

  1. Mexican Tarragon

Tarragon is majorly used in Mexican culture and dishes. It is used in Dia De Los Muertos observances as it has the power to induce lucid dreaming. It is also used as an incense or tea. The herb is well known to enhance dream.

  1. Mugwort

Mugwort belongs to Europe and widely used for inducing meaningful dreams. It helps to treat digestive issues and settle the stomach as well. It is a dream augmenter which can be used in the form of tea, incense also can be smoked by burning it down.

  1. African Dream Bean

It is mostly found in the coastal region of Madagascar. Also, it is one of the popular herbs in Asia and  Australia. Under home remedies, it is used for skin treatment and teething babies. Amazingly it is claimed that the herb not only induce the lucid dream but the dreams which connect you with the spirit realm. The bean can be consumed in the form of direct raw intake.

  1. Blue Lotus

Blue lotus is actually a plant to which many Egyptians  are scared off. The Egyptians of yestermillennia, termed this plant has a connection with divine perspective and life origins. It is at some places used to improve fertility and stimulate sex drive. Many ancient Egyptians believe that blue lotus slow down the aging process. It can also act as an intoxicant when soaked in wine or water. It is helpful to achieve the states of visionary once consumed.

  1. Wild Asparagus Root

This root has a medicinal property to treat lungs and kidney issues as well as relieve stress. It allows your to raise your consciousness when you are asleep. It helps to achieve the dreams from other places and dimensions.