Amazing Benefits Of Red Bananas – They Call It The ‘’Special Fruit’’ And This Is Why

We are so habituated with the fact that bananas are yellow in color, but have you ever came across a red banana? Yes, they do exists and known with different names like Red Cuban, Red Spanish, Lal kela, Colorado whereas the botanical name of this plant is Red Dacca.

The plant consists of high resistance and it is extremely vigorous in nature that’s why it has ability produce one hundred fruits in bunches. Unfortunately, we look at them as alternative bananas as the yellow bananas are quite popular and usual choice of people.

Nutritional Value

You will be surprised to know that red bananas consist of the high level of vitamin C and beta carotene than regular yellow bananas. It is also a rich source of glucose, sucrose and fructose and thus an instant source of energy for us.


You can eat them raw but it is quite delicious to enjoy the baked version of red banana in the form of semi-savory dishes or desserts. You can prepare the dessert of red banana using other fruits like stone fruit, apples and berries along with cream, yogurt, citrus, mint, and lemongrass.

It taste’s yummy! You can also prepare a savory dish using red banana. Add pork, chiles, black beans, chicken, pineapple, mango pulp and cashew nut to make a mind blowing enjoyable dish.

Ethnic/Cultural Info

The tribal people have a cultural importance of red bananas. The Piro tribe which is originated in the jungles of Peru use red bananas as a gift in their festivals. They also organize a competition among young boys to watch who can climb highest and fastest on red banana trees. The tribal people also have a superstition that one part of this red banana is good while other is the bad one.

So, while eating the banana if you open it from the bad side you are sending an invitation to bad omen in your life. Culturally they follow a specific method to open the red banana. They actually twist the banana from the middle of it to negate the bad side of red banana.


India and Southeast Asia is considered as the geographical origin of red bananas. It is transported across the world through the trade routes. And now they are available in the different regions like New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands and South Africa.

You can check out your nearest organic store for this red bananas. Don’t neglect them as they look different than the regular banana.

They are more beneficial to your health than the yellow banana and you should try them at least once. As you will start having a red banana you will never buy the yellow banana again.