Banana Peel Can Cure Acne and Give You Smooth Skin, Here’s How to Use It

We eat a banana for all the health benefits we can get from this superfood. The fruit consists of all the necessary vitamins and minerals required to keep the body organs healthy.

We all are aware of health benefits of banana and thus it becomes one of a preferable fruit which is incorporated in our breakfast.

However, we do one little mistake by throwing out the banana peels. You will be amazed to know the miracles banana peels can do for your skin.

It is one of the most utilized beauty ingredients in ancient times. You should include the banana peel skin treatment in your beauty routine to gain a glowing skin in no time.

Here is a simple process you should follow to get an amazingly looking skin with few applications.


  1. Take one banana peel and take out the entire skin of it with a spoon.
  2. Rub the skin of banana peel on your face in circular motion.
  3. You can cut the banana peels in a small piece to make it easy to gently rub it on your skin.
  4. Rub it on your skin for 2-3 minutes and then wash your face with warm water.
  5. Use this trick every day in the morning to get glowing skin instantly.

This banana skin treatment is very useful to get rid of acne and nasty acne scars. It provides instant relief from wrinkles and aging signs.

It consists of a lot of antioxidants which slows down the aging process of your skin.

Try on your own and get younger looking skin in just 1 week time. The banana peel treatment is also useful to keep your skin face from infection and other harmful chemicals.

Don’t throw away the banana peel anymore; instead use it as your beauty cream.