What Does Your Birth Month Say About You?

There exist many things which have an impact on one’s behaviour and personality. Birth month is one of such factor which influences the characteristics of a person. Are you aware that the outline of your personality can be drawn using your birth month details?

Yes, it is true you can get a better understanding about your behaviour or the way people around you behave based on the birth month. Things like your thoughts, attitude towards life are closely related to birth month. Here is a collection of description about what your birth month say about you based on the study of astrology.


Look in detail about your characteristics and your loved one’s behavior based on the star position in a birth month as per the astrological research.


If you are born in January then for sure you are stubborn and have strong willing power. You don’t like to take instructions from others. People from January are good leaders as they have the urge to succeed and they are good in listening act. They are good teacher and love to teach new things to other. January born people always express his or her critical opinion and follow the work ethics.


If you observe a person running into the discussion then be sure that he or she belongs to February. They are creative people and always keep working on different and new projection. Travelling is their passion, they can jump into a plane or train any moment when they get time. February born person has a strong inclination towards adventures and to explore the world. They are open minded people and act as the best company to spend time with. February born people are loyal to their friends and are honest to the partners.


The people born in March have strong imagination power and work very creatively. They are quiet and introvert people and any time fail to express their feelings. The generally use arts as a means to express their love or passion. People from March always keep secrets and does not feel comfortable to share the private life with other’s. This kind of people needs a peaceful environment to live and always run away from crowded places.


Born in April are just not good in taking orders. They always try to lead others and do things in their own way. In the public life, they need love and attention all the time. They are constantly looking for something new to work on or to enjoy. People from April are offensive and loud but don’t care much about what other’s think about them. The take action and then think on it. April born is free flowing people who don’t like to get caught in situations.


May born people are constantly changing day by day. You might see them changing their work passion or interest from one thing to other in just a day time. People from May are active in social life and don’t like to spend time alone. They are good in expressing their feelings and love to talk with different kinds of people. They are continuously craving for something different, new and entertaining in their life as they get bored quickly.


June born people are “corner people” who are shy and very soft-spoken. They are sensitive and caring for their loved one’s. They have the creative spirit and keeping planning for the future ideas and work on it. They are not much free to express the feelings and keep their world inside themselves.