Breaking News: Scientist Found A Plant That Kills Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours! Spread The Info!

A recent study published in life science has shown that the derivative of sweet wormwood has an ability to remove 98% of breast cancer in just 16 hours of time. The plant consists of artemisinin which is an anti-tumor agent and fights the cancer cells effectively.

The combination of this plant with iron can completely delete the cancer cell from your system. The best part is that this treatment will not harm the healthy cells in your body.

Artemisinin present in sweet wormwood was popular as an antimalarial agent in the past. But the recent research has proven that this compound can be miraculously used to battle the cancer cells.

The subjects under study were given iron along with the dose of this plant which will usually get accumulated in the cells infected by cancer. The artemisinin targeted the bad cells and the healthy cells in breast remained untouched.

Iron accumulates in the cancer cells which consist of transferrin receptors and make it easy to share the cells. The cancer cells have these receptors in large quantity as compared to healthy cells. Thus, the presence of iron makes it easy for artemisinin to identify the cancerous cell and attack them leaving the healthy cells safe.

In China, people were using the extract of sweet wormwood for malaria treatment from centuries. There are various studies which have now proven the medicinal properties of artemisinin in the presence of iron. The parasites are not able to live in presence of this extract.

Henry Lai and Narendra Singh the bioengineers at the University of Washington has conducted the experiment to show that the cancerous cells undergo apoptosis and die eventually.

Recently the French drug manufacturer “Sanofi” has started the production of Artemisinin and they are manufacturing 50-60 tons each year to meet the demand in the market. It is now scientifically proven that artemisinin has an ability to kill the cancerous cell and thus a lot of people are going for this treatment rather than using chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Share this article with your friends and family members and let people know that now cancer cells can be killed off naturally. The cure for cancer is now identified by the modern science and we should use this method to treat cancer in a natural way.