Brittle Nails or Hair? Cramps or Headaches? Acne or Bumps? The Chances Are You Have This Deficiency!

We always think that disease occurs to us due to malfunctioning of the body organs, attack of bacteria or virus and due to exposure to the toxic chemicals. However, you can face some health issue due to deficiency of minerals or vitamins.

As there is a huge change in our diet nowadays, our body not always gets the required minerals or vitamins. The more intake of fast food or processed food makes our body deprive of minerals and vitamins. Here are 5 common symptoms which can occur to you due to deficiency of essential nutrients in the body.

Muscle Cramps and/or Headaches

This is a common symptom among people who face magnesium deficiency. It is shocking fact that in North America approximately 75% of the population is suffering from magnesium deficiency. It is one of the most common and frequent mineral deficiencies observed among adults.

The presence of magnesium in our body is vital for the appropriate functioning of our nervous system. It is very helpful to sooth the muscle cramps and headaches. Magnesium is also effective to relax the tension in muscles and promotes sound sleep.

You can increase the magnesium level in your body by consumption of green leafy vegetables like kale and collards. The Epsom salt bath is most recommended a remedy to improve the magnesium level in the body. The skin can easily absorb the high magnesium present in the salt and thus improve your health condition instantly.


Till now, you might know that acne occurs due to oily skin, accumulation of dirt in the pores, clogged pores or hormonal changes. Well, zinc deficiency is one of the common reasons behind acne outburst.

It is very unpopular but true fact that zinc is the mineral which controls the oil production in the body. It is the one which can provide you fairer complexion and can add brightness to your skin. Zinc promotes the healing process of the damaged skin, soothes the skin inflammation, regenerates skin cells and impedes the enzyme which is responsible for converting testosterone into pimple-promoting form. Thus, intake of 30 milligrams of zinc on a daily basis is the best medicine to fight acne. You can just have a ¼ cup of raw pumpkin seeds every day and your daily dose of zinc will be taken care.

Brittle Nails and Brittle/Broken/Dry Hair

Yes, your dry hair or brittle nails can be an indication of biotin deficiency. It is a new information that vitamin B7 is the one which makes your hair look beautiful and healthy. Biotin is present in a lot of common food which we consume thus deficiency of biotin is a rare case.

However, the excessive hair loss, brittle hair, breakage of hair and brittle nails are some of the symptoms which one should take seriously as an indicator of biotin deficiency. You should consume foods which are rich in biotin to keep your hair perfect and to promote hair growth.

Thinning Hair

Anemia or low iron level can lead to thinning of hair. The iron deficiency is also responsible for excessive hair loss. As iron plays the vital role of carrying oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, it is important to maintain the right amount of iron in the body.

White Little Bumps on the Back of the Arm

Suddenly if you find the bumps are coming on your back of arms then be sure that you have essential fatty acids deficiency. More precise it is known as low level of Omega3 in the body. The essential fatty acids consist of anti-inflammatory property which reduces the inflammation of the bumps. Intake of food rich in Omega3 will help you to cure this little bump issue very quickly.

So, there you go! Now you are aware of the issues which are occurring due to deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Focus on your diet and try to incorporate food which provides necessary nutrients to the body. Eat a lot of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts. Make sure you eat homemade food which is rich in nutrients and drink sufficient amount of water to maintain good health.