Keep Bugs Away With a Non-Toxic Mason Jar Repellent

    Mosquitoes are not only annoying but the mosquito bite can lead to dangerous diseases too. The list of diseases which spread due to mosquito bites include dengue fever, West Nile virus and now Zika!

    To be protected from the mosquito we tend to choose the bug spray. But in reality, these citronella candles or mosquito spray don’t kill the mosquitoes and consist of health hazardous components.

    DEET is the active ingredient in most of the bug sprays. It is poisonous to inhale and it can also penetrate the skin. It can make its way into our bloodstream and lead to accumulation of toxic in the body.

    The citronella candles also emit toxic substance which includes formaldehyde. Thus, it is important to prepare a safe bug repellent at home. It should consist of natural ingredients which have no harm to use.

    DIY Bug Repellent

    This a simple process using which you can make bug repellent at home. The repellent is easy to make and remove the mosquitoes from the room instantly.

    Things you need

    • Mason Jag- 4
    • Essential oil of Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Catnip- 10 drops each
    • Fresh Lemons- 2
    • Fresh Limes- 2
    • Rosemary- 8 fresh sprigs
    • Filtered Water- 2 jars full
    • Floating Beeswax tealights- 4


    1. Cut the lemon and lime finely and put aside.
    2. Place two sprigs of rosemary into every jug and fill a ¾ full with water.
    3. Include 10 drops off every oil into all 4 jug and blend.
    4. Isolate the lemon and lime among the jugs.
    5. Include more water, leaving an inch of space at the highest point of the jug.
    6. Place a gliding tea light flame on top.
    7. Keep the candle under watch while it burn properly.
    8. In next 2-3 days, you have to make the repellent all over again from step 1.

    Isn’t it an easy and safe way to remove mosquitoes from your home? So, start using it from today and stay safe as well as healthy!