Burger King Admits To Using Horse Meat In Whopper Burgers

If you are a big fan of Burger King then this is the most disturbing and unfortunate news for you. Do you remember about the allegations which flashed out that Burger King is using horse meat in the whoppers and burgers? The allegations were true, and none other than Burger Kind has admitted it recently.

In the past, the Burger King refused to admit the truth and had denied the allegations. However, recently the fast food chain has admitted that the verification test was wrong and has an apology to its customers.

Silvercrest was the company which was producing the horse meat for Burger King, it is also one of the meat delivery agents for Co-op, Tesco, and Asda. The substances that company was supplying were banned a year ago.

The Burger King has recently announced about the case:

“We have confirmed that Silvercrest has been utilizing a little rate of hamburger imported from a provider has not been endorsed from Poland, who guaranteed to convey 100% British and Irish meat patties. They have neglected to do as such. This plainly conflicts with our standards and we have finished our association with them. We have demonstrated that this non-affirmed provider from Poland is responsible for the contamination at Silvercrest provider.”

Although the case is clear now, but it is difficult to keep faith in the food that Burger Kind provides to you as a customer.

So, be aware of the case and be careful! It is better if you stop eating fast food as it is not good for your health. It has a serious impact on the health and leads to various diseases like high blood pressure, cancer, and high cholesterol issues. Additionally, the contamination in the food can be a serious health concern.