Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, You Should Start Eating Them Immediately

    The research on cancer is an ongoing process. People from the medical research profession are trying hard to win the battle against cancer. During cancer treatment, it is important what you eat. The food that you eat should not boost the growth, moreover, it should help you to prevent the further growth of cancer.

    The recent research has revealed total 7 super foods which will prevent the growth of cancer. The food items are very common in our house and you will just jump with happiness when you will know about these food items. It is like we are blending the pleasure of eating with the treatment of cancer.

    The foods include red wine, turmeric, blueberries, tomatoes, black chocolate, green tea, and coffee. So, who doesn’t like it? We all enjoy the red wine, black chocolate, and coffee, while many of us like to start a day with green tea and turmeric is a prime ingredient of our delicious recipe.  Whereas, tomato soup and blueberries juice are quite popular among people.

    Apart from being delicious another common thing among these foods is that they have the potential to prevent the spread of cancer. Let’s explore more to know how these foods are responsible for the prevention of cancer.

    How Super foods Prevent Cancer? 

    There are many physiological processes going on in our body, one of which is angiogenesis. This process begins at the early stage of fetal development which is a formation of the blood vessel. However, angiogenesis is an ongoing process throughout over life. It repairs the blood vessel whenever it gets damage due to small injuries, cuts or burns.

    We need to understand that angiogenesis, the process of formation of new blood vessels underlies much of the spread and growth of cancer. The process is planned by inhibitors and activators. The activators are the one who initiate the creation of new blood vessels. Here the super food plays the important role of inhibiting angiogenesis. Thus, it cut off the blood supply to the cancerous cell preventing the development of cancer cell.

    As the cancerous cell gets cut off from new blood vessels they deprived of nutrients and oxygen required for further growth. These 7 foods provide the anti-angiogenesis effect which is very important for the cancer treatment.

    Let’s look in detail about each of these super foods and their impact on cancer growth in the body.

    1. Red Wine

    The potent antioxidant Resveratrol, present in red wine owes the anti-cancer properties. It is found in the skin of grape which is used to prepare red wine. Resveratrol is well known for the effectiveness to prevent heart diseases and premature aging. This antioxidant is also beneficial to improve the glucose tolerance, boost the energy level and improve the mental alertness. It also eliminates free radicals from the body, fights virus and bacteria as well as help to repair DNA.