Canker Sores In The Mouth: Here Is How To Naturally Get Rid Of Them In A Matter Of Minutes Without Using Any Medicine

Even if you maintain good oral health canker sore is one of the common issues many of us suffer. It is also known as aphthous ulcers and they are really painful. Canker sore generally appears inside your lips and cheeks. Sometimes at the base of gums or even under your tongue are the common areas the canker sore can occur.

The canker sore makes it difficult to eat or talk and it hurts when you try to eat something. It is irritable and painful and becomes worse after some time.

The commercial solution on canker sores takes time to heal and generally have some side effects. You can use a simple trick at home to get rid of canker sore instantly. This painful nuisance will be gone in no time.

Here is a simple trick you should try to cure canker sores.

Things you need

  • Water- 1 glass
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Lemon juice- 2 tbsp
  • Warm water- 1 cup


1. Take 1 glass of water and add 1 tsp of salt to it.

2. Take the solution in your mouth, swish it and gargle using the solution.

3. Spit out the solution after 2 minutes.

4. Now, take 1 cup of warm water and add 2 tbsp of lemon juice to it.

5. Drink the solution before you hit the bed.

Next day morning you will observe that the canker sore is disappeared. Use this trick and let us know how well it worked for you. Comment below if you have any other remedies which can help to cure canker sore instantly.

Share this trick with your friend and family members. Have a balanced diet and maintain good oral health to avoid canker sore.