You Won’t Need Power To Charge Your Phone Battery – Use LEMON Instead

Have you ever run out off the battery of your phone when you are expecting an important call?

Many times it happens that while travelling or during power cuts our phone battery becomes dead and we don’t have any option to charge it.

However, there is an exciting solution on this issue. You can use an alternative way to charge your phone battery. You just need a lemon.

Yeah! It’s not insane, it actually works!

Lemon juice actually acts as an electrolyte between the 2 metal electrodes made up of copper and nickel.

For the charger with electrodes made of copper and magnesium, you even need very small amount of the lemon juice as the voltage developed is much higher.

So, check out the simple steps you have to follow

Things you need:

  • Lemon- 1 (medium size)
  • Charger- 1 (of your phone)
  • Knife- 1


  1. Take 1 lemon and cut it using a knife in equal two parts.
  2. Now, take the charger and fix one pin of the charger in the one-half of lemon and another pin in another half of lemon.
  3. Connect the USB of the charger to your phone.
  4. And the charging will start immediately!

Isn’t it amazing! Share the information with your loved ones and friend circle about the simple way to charge your phone.

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