SHOCKING: People Do Not Die of Cancer! People Die of Chemotherapy and in Terrible Pain

Cancer is a deadly disease which is considered as the main cause of death of many of its patients. However, the research in the field of cancer is showing quite shocking results. Many studies were done on the cancer treatment which focuses Chemotherapy has given surprising evidence.

For over two decades, this professor was centered around studies identified with individuals experiencing cancer and he was, at last, ready to think of a stunning conclusion. It appears that the disease business has one and only goal – more benefit.

Big Pharma, specialists, human services offices and different members in this industry share the benefit at whatever point some patient acknowledges practicing standard cancer treatment. This treatment incorporates taking chemotherapy poisons in the framework, emanating the body with particles or evacuation of certain body parts and much of the time the treatment incorporates all strategies.

On the off chance that we examine the measurements, we will see that chemotherapy is insufficient with regards to curing disease and for reasons unknown researchers are overlooking or concealing this.

Dr. Jones says that the dominant part of individuals experiencing cancer presented to chemotherapy end their lives in awesome torment. Moreover, he is stressing the way that cancer patients who rehearse chemotherapy will in all beyond words and in more prominent agony contrasted with patients who have picked some other treatment or no treatment by any stretch of the imagination.

The examination that went on for a drawn out stretch of time offered him to think of a conclusion that ordinary cancer treatment some assistance with reducing future and quickens the crumbling of the framework. What is surprisingly more terrible, the cancer business is very much aware of this, however, this is a billion-dollar industry and they overlook this.

Dr. Jones says that patients who don’t hone chemotherapy live around 12 years longer (by and large) contrasted with the individuals who take after this treatment. His study was discharged in the trustworthy New York Academy of Sciences diary. The individuals who suspected that chemotherapy is the best decision for the most incredible years after they were determined to have cancer and there are numerous patients who kick the bucket following a month or two.

By. Hardin B. Jones who once filled in as an educator of restorative material science and physiology at the celebrated Berkeley College, chemotherapy is inadequate and he put in over 20 years of his life concentrating on the impacts of this treatment in cancer patients and breaking down their future.

Breast tumor patients that don’t get chemotherapy figure out how to live four times longer contrasted with the individuals who get it. This is an actuality and you have most likely never found out about it. Broad communications are concealing this as a result of their associations with the tumor business.

Another exploratory study found in the American Medical Association Journal from 1979 pointed out that most of the prevalent strategies for treating and diagnosing breast tumor (and the majority of them are utilized today as well), didn’t have beneficial outcomes in many patients.

What the Big Pharma doesn’t need us to know is that cancer patients kick the bucket from the treatment (for the most part from chemotherapy) not from the impacts of the tumor. Chemotherapy is a particular treatment that is centered around disposal of sound cells with a specific end goal to keep the spreading of cancer and after that, it is centered around disease cells.

Moreover, two different studies from the period when the impact of Big Pharma was not that awesome, one from Britain distributed in the Lancer 35 years back and one from Israel (1978), had the same conclusion. The study distributed in the Lancet has demonstrated that regardless of the way that more patients have gotten chemotherapy; the survival rate of patients with breast cancer had not diminished in the previous 10 years.

The lion’s share of patients who have kicked the bucket in light of this ailment are patients who passed on of lack of healthy sustenance. Cancer influenced cells assimilate every one of the supplements from our body and square the work of the insusceptible framework. After some time, the framework is weak to the point that it can’t shield itself from any danger.

Dr. Ulrich Abel, an acclaimed German disease transmission specialist, has performed an exhaustive exploration and investigation of all the mainstream thinks about identified with chemotherapy from everywhere throughout the world. The conclusions he has are amazing and these conclusions must be perused by individuals why should arranging get chemotherapy. Dr. Ulrich Abel has distributed a book called The Doctor In The House.

By UCSF Allen Levin, present day medication as of now has the all inclusive cure and every one of the truths identified with tumor are escaped people in general. The reason is straightforward – one treatment costs up to one million dollars. Chemotherapy can’t take out colon tumor, breast cancer or lung cancer. We have proof for this, however, human services experts are as yet honing chemotherapy

Thus, it is sad and very shocking fact that the medical professionals are continuing to use the dangerous treatment which is actually ineffective and cause behind the death of cancer patients.