China’s Richest Man Buys 28K American Acres To Preserve Wilderness

    Jack Ma has become very popular after his couple of interviews as his thoughts are really inspiring and full of energy. He is a co-founder of Alibaba, an online shopping giant company.

    Recently Jack Ma came into limelight due to his decision to invest $23 million of his own money in a land located in US Adirondack Mountains.

    The place is well known as Brandon Reserve. The long term of Jack Ma is to retire to the region which the short-term plan includes to prevent the logging operation and to preserve the country.

    Jack Ma is a Chinese billionaire and he has spent huge $23 million to buy 28,100 acres of land in the Adirondack Mountains. He wants to protect that place for a future generation.

    The information was provided to Wall Street journal by the spokesman of Mr. Ma that his purchase of international land provides the message that the whole world is like a big family.

    We breathe the same air and we all are dependent on each other for our collective future.

    Mr. Ma, co-founder of e-commerce site Alibaba, says he plans to spend some time in the reserve in Upstate New York, but the primary reason he decided to purchase the land was to ensure its conservation.

    Mr. Mama’s property is found roughly 30 miles northwest of Lake Placid. It brags forest, a trout fishery, nine miles of the St. Regis River, two homes, and an animal dwelling place.

    He trusts that his buy will shield this staggering common fortune from water consumption and devastation by the paper, timber and mining businesses.

    Mr. Mama, who is known for his preservation endeavors at home in China, says his first activity as the official proprietor will be to put a conclusion to a present logging operation there.

    That is incredible news for the white followed deer and different types of natural life who live in the Adirondacks and rely on upon its preservation for their survival.

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