Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

The alternative medicine uses different ways to identify the diseases with which our body is struggling. Some of the alternative methods to detect the diseases include proper study of pulse rate, the skin of hand whereas the Chinese teaching examines face.

The Chinese teaching is a quite interesting method which identifies each organ of our body with the corresponding area of the face. It claims that the affection occurred to our vital organs is directly reflected on the face skin in terms of changes like rashes, skin discolouration or pimples.

These are the simple and common symptoms which you can identify to know the organs in the body which are in trouble or fighting with infection.

Forehead – The Small Intestine And The Bladder

Yes, your forehead reflect the issues which your bladder and small intestine are facing due to different diseases.

Causes: Intake of excessive canned food will lower your digestion capacity, consumption of a large amount of fat are the prime causes of the bladder and small intestine issues. Along with these causes, the excessive intake of alcohol and sugar combined with stress and irregular sleep can also damage your intestine.

Cure: Include vegetables in your diet, drink a lot of water, avoid alcohol and get regular sound sleep.

The Portion Between The Eyebrows – Liver

The skin between your eyebrows indicate the liver issues you body is going through for a long time.

Causes: The unbalance between eating and resting makes your stomach weak. The lost strength of stomach leads to various problems such as liver affections.

Cure: Start consumption of fresh and healthy food, go for long walks, stay close to nature. Exercise are very useful to stimulate the digestive system. Thus, you can start regular exercise, yoga or fitness program.

The Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys

Your eyebrow arch can be examined to check the condition of your kidney.

Cause: The prime causes includes excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol. The poor blood flow in the body along with weakened and diseased heart also leads to kidneys disorder.

Cure: Increase the amount of water your drink. Reduce the consumption of alcohol, drinks with caffeine in it and drinks with artificial sweetener in it.

Your Nose – Heart

The nose skin appearance is linked with heart disorders. The close examination of the nose can indicate the heart diseases that are troubling you.

Cause: Due to breathing polluted air and remain in the closed environment for a longer time. Bloated stomach, gases formation in the stomach, a poor circulatory system can lead to heart disorders. Hypertension is also one of the causes of heart trouble

Cure: Proper regulation of blood pressure and keep a stable level of cholesterol in the body. Start drinking organic tea to eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body. Do physical activities to drain the toxin through sweat.

Upper Part Of Your Cheeks – Lungs

The upper part of cheeks reflects the lungs disorders in your body. The dark circles around eye cavity also indicate the lungs diseases.

Cause: The lung disorders can be a product of environmental pollution, asthma or excessive smoking.

Cure: Avoid smoking and exposure to contaminated air. Start regular workouts and physical exercise every day.

Cheeks – Kidneys And Lungs

The cheeks represent the chronic issues in lungs and kidneys. The discolouration or dull skin of your cheeks is a result of lung disorders.

Cause: Smoking is the main reason behind kidney and lungs disorder. Stree along with unhealthy diet also affects the health of your lungs and kidneys.

Cure: Follow healthy eating habits and consume the drugs or cosmetic products which are trustworthy.

Mouth And Chin – Stomach

The health of your stomach is reflected on your skin of chin as well as the mouth.

Cause: Consumption of excessive fats, sugar, caffeine and alcohol results in stomach choric issues. The excessive intake of spiced food is also very harmful to your stomach. The stress and irregular sleeping increase the chances of stomach disorders.

Cure: You should take the stomach disorders very seriously and consult the doctor in persistent issues. Includes natural ingredients such as vegetable and fruits in your diet. Say no to processed and junk food.

Jaw And Neck – Hormones

This is interesting that your jaw region and neck reflects the balance in your hormones.

Cause: Dehydration, intake of too much salt, very less intake of water and excessive consumption of caffeine results in hormonal imbalance.

Cure: Reduce the intake of caffeine and salt on a daily basis. Also, drink at least 8-10 glassed of water every day.

Hope this simple tricks will help you to get rid of your chronic disorders. It is indeed the truth that your face is a reflection of your body. Thus, you should keep a close eye on the changes in your face skin to identify the health issues and try to treat the issues in a natural way.