The Best Medicine Against Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Cholesterol and hypertension are a byproduct of the introduction of unhealthy food in our life. The processed food, junk food, and many times high-calorie food leads to increase in cholesterol as well as responsible for high blood pressure cases.

People who believe in natural remedies are using some simple tricks to get rid of this unwanted disorders. The natural remedies consist of natural ingredients which are free from side effects. Also, the result of such home remedies is quite amazing.

There is one of such natural remedy which was used by Amish people from a long time. It treats different health issues and also improves the immune system. This remedy helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and control the high blood pressure.

Here is simple recipe of the natural remedy for you:-

Things you need:

  • Garlic clove- 1 (grated)
  • Lemon juice- 1 tsp
  • Ginger- 1 piece (grated)
  • Apple cider vinegar- 1 tsp
  • Organic honey- 1 tsp


  1. Take the grated garlic and ginger in your blender pot.
  2. Add 1 tsp each of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to it
  3. Blend it well using a blender and at the end add 1 tsp of honey to it.
  4. Store the mixture in a glass jar and then refrigerate it for 5 days.

How to use?

Take the mixture 2 times in a day. Ideally consume it before breakfast and dinner. Do not consume it more than 3 times a day.

You will observe the positive results in just 1 week of time. You can also make a note of your cholesterol level before starting the natural treatment by doing a blood test. Later after 1 week of the treatment again do the blood test and verify the cholesterol level.

It will be for sure mostly reduced. Your blood pressure will also be under control due to this natural treatment.

Use this simple remedy regularly to remain healthy!