Coca-Cola Recalls Dasani Water! Clear Parasite Worm Was Found In Bottles

No, don’t drink water in the hotel, it is not hygienic. This is a normal instruction we give to our children and then we buy a water bottle from them. We always want to protect our family from water borne disease. But are you sure that the water bottle you purchase all the time is safe and free from contamination?

There is shocking news for you if you often buy Dasani drinking water. Recently it was discovered that Dasani drinking water is contaminated with a parasite. Thus, Coca-Cola has recalled thousand of Dasani bottles from the market.

Several hundred people are reported to be hospitalized due to the parasitic symptoms like fever, rash, vomiting, and stomach bloating. The addition report on this topic adds that Coca-Cola has admitted that Dasani which is considered as the properly processed drinking water is actually just a ‘purified’ tap water.

The buyers of Dasani were highly disappointed to know that a premium priced Dasani which belongs to a high brand like Coca-Cola is not properly processed water. It is just regular tap water which is purified on just required level.

People you are buying Dasani water at an expensive rate believe that they were drinking water which is perfectly safe, properly checked and free from contamination. The company has informed that all the impurities were eliminated from the water and additional minerals were stirred in before packaging the bottle.

However, somehow the parasites managed to escape the water cleansing system. In the immediate action, the Food and Drug Administration has shut down the Dasani water packaging facility to ensure that no new bottles will be available in the market.

The Drug and Food Administration has made an appeal to people that they should drink Dasani water only after boiling it. This will help to kill the parasite and people can drink safe water.

Doctors have indicated that the parasite found in the water bottle is dangerous. Once it enter the human body it starts host itself in the intestine and stomach membrane. The parasite is quick in reproduction and starts a new generation of parasites in the human body. One should rush to the hospital immediately if experience any symptoms like food poisoning or vomiting after drinking water.

It is always better to boil water at home and carry your own water bottle while traveling. It is no more safe and reliable to drink the package. After this incidence, one has to be careful before you buy a packed water bottle for your family.