How to Detect Fake Honey (It’s Everywhere), Use THIS Simple Trick

When it comes to home remedies a lot of recipes include honey. The health benefits of honey are enormous and thus the ancient cultures have also given special importance to consumption of honey in routine life.

The modern society also has recognized the incredible benefits of honey and thus many health conscious people started using honey to cure chronic disorders. However, any commercial companies are fooling people by selling fake honey which is actually harmful to our health.

The advertisement of big brands makes us believe that the honey which is available in the shopping mall and retail stores is  100% natural, organic and pure. However, this is not the real fact. Many companies do alternation in honey and add chemicals to it in order to lower the price.

Recently a shocking result of public research study has conveyed that 76% of all the honey available in the market is gone through ultra-filtration. The ultra-filtration is a process used to eliminate impurities like wax trace but unfortunately, this process also removes the pollen present in honey. 

The manufacturer justifies the filtration process as it is necessary to prevent the crystallization and also extend the shelf life of the honey. But the process lowers the benefits of honey as the pollen are very important to provide nutrition to our body.

It is also revealed by the researcher that the removal of pollen makes it difficult to determine the geographical origin of the honey. It is important to analyze and trace the origin of honey in order to avoid the pollen contamination.

For example, the Chinese honey has many times identified to be contaminated using illegal antibiotics and some metal compounds as well. The manufacturer uses filtration process to hide the origin of honey and import the illegal and contaminated honey from different places in the world.

So, to boost your health if you decide to purchase honey then here are some guidelines you should follow to avoid the contaminated honey-

The honey sold at CVS Pharmacy and Walgreen’s do not contain pollen so don’t purchase it.

  • Honey available at McDonald and KFC does not contain pollen.
  • Walmart sells Honey Winnie the Pooh, avoid it as it does not have pollen.
  • Around 77% of honey sold at Costco, Target and Sam’s Club do not have pollen so avoid it.

The honey which lacks pollen is not that beneficial for your health so you should not purchase such type of honey. Other fake honeys are the one which has blend of glucose or other low-quality mead in it. These honeys are known as adulterated honey as they are not in the pure form.

Ways to Recognize Fake Honey:

Here are 6 simple tricks to recognize the fake honey in no time.

  1. It is the property of pure honey that it crystallizes over a period of time. If you store the honey in the fridge and it does not crystallize then it is not pure honey.
  2. You should read the ingredient labels before you purchase honey. If the bottle of honey consists of high fructose corn syrup or glucose then don’t buy it as it is not pure.
  3. Take 1 glass of water and add few drops of iodine in it. Now, add some honey to it. If the color of honey turns blue then it has corn starch in it. This is the fake honey.
  4. Take 1 glass of water and add few drops of vinegar to it. Add some honey to it. If you see any foam that means you got an adulterated honey with plaster in it.
  5. Use a matchstick or phosphorus to burn the honey. If you see ignites then it is pure honey as pure honey as property to ignite under such condition.
  6. Take 1 glass of water and add 1 spoon of honey to it. If honey gets dissolve in water, then it is a fake honey. The pure honey does not get dissolve in water.

So, use these guidelines and avoid purchasing adulterated and fake honey. Only pure, organic and with pollen honey can provide you the benefits. Thus, make sure you get the pure honey to cure your health issues.