DIY Recipe: Get Rid Of Ants From Your Home In A Natural Way

Those tiny little fellows just manage to get in through somewhere and we just do not know or understand how they manage to do it. And once they are in, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them since they come in clusters and gangs. They raid out your kitchen and are present all over.

Chemical sprays can really hurt them. And if you are such a concerned person, then assume that you are into the exactly right place today.

We are here to present to you an amazing natural recipe that would disallow ants to creep into your home no matter what. So here is the recipe:

Things You Would Require:

  • Jar-1
  • Bottle with sprayer-1
  • Oranges-2
  • Grapefruit-1
  • Lemon-1
  • Vinegar- ¼ tsp

Things You Would have to do:

  1. Extract the juices out of the oranges and the grapefruit.
  2. Now, add vinegar to the juice extracted.
  3. Let this stay on for about 1-2 weeks without being slightly disturbed.
  4. Now strain the juice out to separate out the pulp perfectly.
  5. Add this juice to the bottle with sprayer.
  6. Your natural ant repellent is now completely set ready for use.

Use this nice natural ant repellent to keep ants away from your home and your food.