Don’t By The Fruit At Any Costs If You Notice This LABEL On It!

An attractive packing or a different logo on any food material drive us towards it. We don’t even know the meaning of these logos but it looks nice and we assume it as a better quality product.

While in a grocery store buying food, vegetables and fruits then you should be aware of these different types of the sticker. So, that you can read them and decode these stickers before you buy any stuff for you and your family.

We often observe these stickers on vegetables are fruits. The code of these stickers indicates how the vegetables and fruits are grown and during the cultivation process which chemicals are used.

Here is the meaning of these stickers and codes on it for you.

1. A 4 digit code on the sticker with initial number 3 or 4 indicates that chemical fertilizers are used for the cultivation of the fruit and it is not a GMO product.

2. If the 4 digit code starts with the initial number 9, then it is safe to buy fruit. It is cultivated in a traditional way and it is an organic fruit. You should always buy this kind of fruits.

3. If the sticker consists of 5 digit code and the initial number of the code is 8 then this is a GMO product. It is not good for your health, don’t buy this fruit.

As compared to the organic fruits the chemically cultivated and GMO product fruit look fresh and big in size. We fail to read the sticker and buy these products due to the attractive look. In this way, the GMO product manufacturing companies fool the customers and continue to sell fruits which are hazardous to our health.

Once we all are aware of the meaning of the stickers and can differentiate between organic products and GMO product we will be able to choose the right food for us.

Pass on this important information among your friend circle and family members to make them aware of this fact.

Be aware of these stickers, read the code carefully before you buy fruits. Eat well and stay healthy!