Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!

Call, chat, what’s app, facebook, twitter these all have become part of our life. A smartphone is a tool which brings all this communication channel together. The phone which was used only for a call nowadays provides a lot of other useful services.

No doubt the smartphone has made our life easier. Different apps loaded on your smartphone has given you access to the whole virtual world.

The work like paying bills, booking tickets, ordering food and buying clothes is now possible using just one click on the smartphone.

As it is all these advantages the only thing we have to do is to keep your smartphone in proper working condition. Charging the phone is the aspect which we always take care off.  Talking on a phone when it is on a low battery can be dangerous.

Your smartphone has to really work hard when it is on a low battery which can make it burst into flames. Recently an Indian kid suffered from hand injuries as his smartphone exploded due to an expansion of radiation due to low battery.

The mobile phones emit radiation when the battery is low. It is also true in the case of weak signal. The weak signal forces the phone to emit more radiation.

So, if you are in an elevator, the structures where a signal is low or in the remote country then keep your smartphone away from your body while talking.

A duplicate or china made charger can also be a reason behind exploding off your smartphone while charging. The fake chargers increase the risk of explosions and blasts which can make serious damage to your ear or other body parts if you are talking on a phone while charging it.

Many companies like Samsung is running a campaign among the customers to avoid the unauthorized charges which can be dangerous for your health . Stay away from the fake chargers and don’t use your smartphone while charging it.