By Eating 2 Bananas Daily In A Month, This Will Happen

Banana is a super food with all the essential nutrients present in it. The fruit provides enormous health benefits and used as an aid to get rid of chronic disorders. It consists of minerals, vitamins, and natural sugar along with huge amount of fibers. Here are some facts about banana, it consist of-

Sr.No Nutrients Quantity
1 Calories 89
2 Cal. From fat 3
3 Total fat 0
4 Saturated fat 0
5 Trans fat 0
6 Cholesterol 0
7 Sodium 1 mg
8 Carbs 23 g
9 Fiber 3 g
10 Sugar 12 g
11 Protein 1 g
12 Vitamin A 1%
13 Calcium 1%
14 Vitamin C 15%


As per the recent survey in the USA, banana is the most consumed fruit and it is consumed even more than oranges or apples. People buy it when they are green but you should always prefer the one with spots or brownish in color as they are the riper one.

People avoid eating brown bananas but the fact is these are the healthiest type of banana as it consists of a lot of TNF.


The riper the banana, the more TNF it has. This TNF battles growth effectively, and battles terrible cells.

It regards realize this additionally advances great connections between the cells in the body. It additionally makes the cells move toward any aroused range inside.

A review has demonstrated that riper bananas with TNF back off tumor growing and even stop it by making apoptosis cell passing. With this, the bananas have a considerable measure of cell reinforcements.

They make the insusceptible framework solid and lift the white platelets as well. So on the off chance that you see a brown banana, eat it rather a green one, other than wellbeing, you get vitality as well.


  • Blood pressure or heartburn: they have low sodium levels and considerable measure potassium, so they secure the heart and blood pressure.
  • For energy they are great. They offer vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbs so it is quick fast vitality. Eat them before or after exercises. The potassium makes the muscle spasms calmed.
  • Against anemia: they battle it and give your body a considerable measure of iron. This makes more hemoglobin and red platelets and makes resistance more grounded
  • For ulcers: in the event that you experience the ill effects of stomach ulcers, you need to maintain a strategic distance from a few sustenance. In any case, you can simply eat bananas and have no stomach torment. They are delicate, rich and smooth and mitigate within the coating. This makes the stomach shielded from numerous acidic materials.
  • For depression: they have tryptophan that battles wretchedness. With this the serotonin initiates and that is a decent neurotransmitter. Enhance the disposition and have a banana.
  • Against constipation: the banana has an extraordinary substance for inside enhancing developments. Furthermore, this soothes constipation.
  • No PMS problems: the mood swing and anxiety are unavoidable at times. Banana has a ton of vitamin B and that unwinds the sensory system.
  • Good basal temperature: this organic product makes your body temperature great, regardless of summer or winter.

So, due to all these health benefits of banana, it is an intelligent decision to consume banana every day. Start from today and enjoy a healthy life.