Did You Know Your Energy Drinks Contain ‘Bull Urine & Semen’

    Red Bull is a drink which is very popular among the youth as it is known as a quick source of energy. The advertisement of the product is quite innovative and thus, attract many young buyers towards it. What the product represent is extract energy available in every sip, but there exist much more in a sip of red bull.

    It is shocking but true that your energy drink consists of urine and semen extracted from the bull. A research conducted by Longhorn Cattle Company, checked the samples of Red bull, monster and other top energy drink brand. The result indicated the presence of bull semen in the drink.

    Taurin is the ingredient which confirms the presence of bull urine and semen in the energy drink. The word Taurin is named after the latin Taurus which has a meaning ‘bull’.

    Australian scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon first isolated it from ox bile in 1827. In scientific literature, it is many times referred as an amino acid. However, it is not strictly an amino acid as it lasts in a carboxyl group.

    The compound taurine is present in the livers, urine and semen of bulls. It is found in the energy drink which is a byproduct of testicles of a bull. Thus, the energy drink like Red Bull is not actually a vegetarians product. It is also naturally occurring substance in the bull bile and breastmilk.

    Along with the research, the fact that Red Bull consists of semen of bull got confirmed through a leaked video.


    One of the employees of the ingredient suppliers of the company filmed the process of extraction of the source ingredient which has bull semen. However, the employee got fired for violating the company policy.

    But the matter of fact is that Red Bull has the questionable ingredients and thus company should explain the reality to the customer. Till then you can just avoid drinking the awful product and be aware of such goof up all the time.