A Famous Doctor Reveals: Do This Every Day And You Will Be Healed Of Every Disease

We often depend on the doctors about the right suggestions to remain healthy. There are different things we can do in a daily life to ensure our health. Here are some simple tips shared by a famous doctor which you can add in your day to day routine.

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1.  1 hour before sunset or after sunrise, look into the sun. Starting from 10 seconds per day and daily increase the time span by 10 seconds. When looking at the sun, stand on the dry ground or concrete barefoot.

2. Drink the tap water which is without fluoride. Drinking water directly from natural spring is the best option. You can leave water exposed to sun rays for a while in a clear, glass bottle in order to absorb the solar energy. Do not keep water outside during the night.

3. Do your daily exercise in fresh air like in the garden or park. It is the best way for detoxification.

4. Take a walk in the morning or evening in fresh air for 20 minutes.

5. Go to bed early, somewhere around 10 pm to 2 am. This is the period when human body secretes healing hormones. Plan your day as it rhythm with the sun.

6. Use natural ingredient for skin and hair care rather than a commercial product.

7. Raw vegetable, fruits, and grains are the best source of nutrition for the human body. Reduce the intake of products with animal origin.

8. Don’t use the artificial sweeteners

9. Avoid cigarettes, alcohol, black tea, coffee, canned food, and chewing gum.

10. Keep smiling and be positive! This will help to speed up the secretion of therapeutic hormones.

11. Avoid negative thoughts about yourself and other. The subconscious mind follows the thoughts and creates negativity. Stay fine and positive.

12. Let things go! Forgive people easily. This will help you to get rid of hatred and anger. The negative thoughts affect the hormone secretion and damage your health. So, forgive people in order to maintain your own health.

13. Eat walnuts and almonds; they are really beneficial for your health. Also start the intake of 2 tbsp of flaxseed oil or grounded flax seed to keep your body healthy.

14. Your mental disorders can be treated properly using more sun exposure and having a raw diet.

Isn’t it amazing that these simple changes in our life can help us to stay protected from health issues? Try these simple tips and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.