Garlic Can Kill 14 Cancer Types And 13 Infections. But Why Doctors Do Not Prescribe This?

The modern medical industry is totally based on the business of pharmaceutical companies. We often buy the prescribed drug to cure the health issues but these health problems can be cured naturally without any medical assistance.

Various researchers have proven that the natural remedies are much more effective and efficient in treating the health ailments as compared to the prescribed drugs. Moreover, one can go for a combination of mild medication and relevant changes in diet to cure the diseases quickly.

Unfortunately, doctors put emphasis on the tablets, antibiotic which we buy over the counter and do not advise the natural way to treat the diseases. There are several examples in which disease is totally curable using ingredients which are available in your kitchen cabinet.

One of such ingredient with medicinal properties is garlic. It has a strong smell and thus many of us avoid eating garlic. But is a really nutritious veggie which can be used to treat health problems.

The list of garlic benefits and properties for health issues like:

1. HIV 1

2. Vibrio infections

3. Kiebsiella infection

4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

5. Thrush

6. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

7. B strep group infection

8. Clostridium

9. Cytomegalovirus

10. Candida

11. Helicobacter pylori

12. Viral infections

13. Aflaxicosis mycotoxins

14. Methicillin staphylococcus aureus

Garlic is used as a medicinal dose since past centuries and it has a capability to resolves some cancer types. All you have to do is eat 5-6 cloves every day.

Allow the garlic to sit for 15 minutes and it will release the enzyme namely alliinase. This enzyme is responsible for the medicinal properties of garlic used to fight fungi and kill cancer cells.

Then Eat It Raw Or Cooked In Dishes…..

As per National Library of Medicine, garlic can be used to treat over 150 health issues which include diabetes, cancer, plaque infection and clogged arteries. It is also useful to cure the infections and the common cold.

Start eating garlic from today to ensure your health.