My Favorite: 3 Step Guide to Get Fair and Patches Free Underarms In Just 15 Minutes

We wax them regularly and also apply a lot of creams on it. The spray of a strong deo and dripping sweat, this is all your armpit has to bear.

The armpit skin turns out to be dark after regular waxing. The skin on your armpit is quite sensitive and thus it turns darker with all this torture.

There are simple natural methods to get rid of the dark patch of skin on your armpit.

Use This 3 Steps & Get Fairer Armpit Instantly

STEP 1 – Scrubbing

Lemon, as you understand, is a lighting agent and also helps to keep the skin of armpit safe from infection. It reduces the smell of sweat and thus makes you smell fresh. Use the given step to scrub and clean the armpit area.


  1. Add 1 tbsp of lemon juice with ½ tsp of sugar granules.
  2. Rub it on your armpit area to remove the dead skin and dirt.
  3. Wash the area with warm water and pat it dry.

This will it help dull skin, as well as abandon it feeling extraordinarily smooth. On the off chance that you have an inclination that your skin is somewhat unpleasant around there, then it’s an extraordinary thought to attempt this straightforward scour.

STEP 2 – Bleaching

This process helps to reduce the dark color of the armpit and make it fairer. Here are 2 ways you can bleach your armpit area after the scrubbing step.

Process 1

  1. Absorb potato cuts a bowl of water for two or three minutes before taking them out
  2. Rub these cuts over your armpits.
  3. Potatoes have regular blanching properties, so they are an extraordinary method for getting more pleasant underarms.
  4. Another approach to bleach you armpit area is as given below

Process 2

  1. Put some dried orange peels in the blender so it is powdered.
  2. Presently add some of this powder to 2 tbsp of yogurt and apply the blend over your armpits.
  3. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. This will significantly help your underarms and abandon them smooth and delicate.

STEP 3 – Moisturizing

It is important to provide necessary moisturizing to the armpit in order to keep the skin healthy. Here is a pack you should use to keep the armpit skin hydrated all the time.


  1. Add some water to 2 tbsp of besan (gram flour) to make a thick glue.
  2. You can add a squeeze of turmeric to light up the zone.
  3. Leave this pack on your underarms for a decent 10 minutes and wash off with warm water.
  4. It will leave the armpit soft and smooth like never before.

Use these 3 steps and soon you will be ready to wear a sleeveless dress whenever you want. Be a center of attraction to all the parties you are going to attend by wearing beautiful sleeveless dresses without hiding the armpits.

A clean and fairer armpit will boost your confidence and you will be ready to look beautiful as always.