How to Read Your Own Palm Lines

Future or life experiences are what we always interested to know. What if you know that you can predict some part of your life through reading lines on your hand? Isn’t it exciting? So, in order to inspect individual connections, dreams, and passionate battles just pick up your hand.

Use a splendid light if you find it difficult to locate the lines on your hands and start reading your own future. In this article there are different methods to identify the meaning of lines on your palm.

Remember: According to hand examiners, a less unmistakable line mirrors a range of life that may require work, while a more profound one flag that the trademark identified with that line is solid and completely created. For significantly more insights, see this manual for finger perusing.

Process 1 of 3: Reading the Major Lines of the Palm

See the below steps to read major lines of your palm. There are certain details you have to take into consideration. Check out carefully-

Choose The Hand For Perusing


In palmistry, there is the thought of a dynamic hand and a latent hand. Your dynamic hand is your prevailing hand, though the inactive hand is the non-overwhelming hand.

  • The latent hand will show acquired qualities. This ought to be perused as a standard.
  • The predominant hand will demonstrate any progressions from the acquired state from life’s occasions and so forth.
  • If there is a noteworthy contrast between the lines of the inactive hand and the prevailing hand, it implies that this individual has endeavored to create themselves.

 Identify The Four Noteworthy Lines


  • These are the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the destiny line (not everybody has this line).
  • The heart line runs on a level plane over the highest point of the palm. It mirrors the condition of your heart on both the physical and passionate level.
  • The head line runs on a level plane over the center of the palm. It mirrors the condition of your psyche and mind.
  • The life line bends around the base of the thumb, beginning between the pointer and thumb. In spite of mainstream thinking, this line does not really demonstrate to what extent you will live yet rather viewpoints, for example, quality, essentialness, and thriving.
  • The destiny line runs vertically from the base of the palm up the center of the palm (not everyone has this line). It shows viewpoints, for example, achievement, profession way, and work.

Interpret the Heart Line


This line can be perused in either heading (from the pinkie finger to the pointer, or the other way around), contingent upon the convention being taken after. It is accepted to show passionate steadiness, sentimental points of view, discouragement, and heart wellbeing. Step by step instructions to peruse the line and its particular implications are as per the following: