Heinz Ketchup Banned (And Why You Should Avoid It)

Ketchup is an almost welcomed food item which go well with a sandwich, burger and what not! But have you ever carefully observed the content of your ketchup?

You will be surprised to know the Heinz Ketchup is banned in Israel as it doesn’t contain enough tomato pulp. Ketchup with less tomato isn’t it shocking! Here are some more facts about why you should avoid the use of Heinz Ketchup.

  1. High Content of Fructose Corn Syrup

Yes, it is true Heinz Ketchup is fully loaded with fructose corn syrup. The fructose corn syrup is manufactured from genetically modified corns which make it a toxic and harmful substance.

Many past research has clearly shown that regular consumption of  this fructose syrup makes you prone to many diseases like diabetes, heart trouble, and obesity. It also leads to a weak immune system which is a big threat to your health.

Additionally the worst part is that a high level of mercury was found in the recent test of high fructose corn syrup. The intake of mercury is equivalent to an intake of toxic material. This a reason why many doctors are suggesting to avoid the product which consist of high fructose corn syrup.

  1. It Consist of Sugar and Distilled Vinegar

The sugar content in Heinz ketchup is as high as 4 grams per serving. This means you will consume 1 tbsp of sugar in each serving. This is too unhealthy amount of sugar which you are going to consume in a single meal.

Here comes the distilled vinegar which is also termed as unhealthy as it is the product of genetically modified corn (GMO). The growth of GMO is backed by toxic chemicals and pesticides which make it a toxic substance. Also, the nutritious value is totally lost.

The consumption of a large amount of sugar will increase your blood sugar level in a drastic way. This can also damage your liver as well as the pancreas.

  1. Zero Nutritional Value

This is the most logical reason to avoid Heinz ketchup as it has zero nutritional value. The tomato paste content of ketchup is very less and does not provide any protein or fiber to your body.

So, with all the toxic content in terms of GMO, sugar and distilled vinegar it is better to avoid the intake of Heinz ketchup.

You should go natural and prepare your own dip or spread instead of consuming the unhealthy ketchup. This is the right time to make the switch to an organic food and avoid the packaged, processed food items to gain better health.


  1. please tell us the truth that are u saying truth
    the heinz ketchup web site saying truth ?????
    they said it is save and healthy for us
    and you said its not .
    what should we do ???????