Here’s How To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches Once And For All, It’s 100% Effective

Pest control number is generally saved in our phones top number list. As the pest control once done does not last for a long time and we have to call pest control people again to take care of cockroaches at home.

But what if you can take of cockroaches at home that too using a safe method? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, it will be just too great. As you will save a lot of money spends on pest control and your family as well as pets will be saved from the unpleasant odor of dangerous chemicals.

Now, the question is how you can get rid of cockroaches naturally? Well, there exist a simple way to eliminate cockroaches from your home. And believe or not the cockroaches will never come back again.

Here is what you have to do to vanish the cockroaches from your house.

Things you need

  • Egg Yolk- 50 grams
  • Boric acid- 2-3 tbsp


  1. Take 50 grams of egg yolk and add 2-3 tbsp of boric acid to it.
  2. Mix it well and make a thick paste of it.
  3. Now, form small balls of the paste and allow it to set for 1 hour.
  4. After that place the balls in your house mainly in closets, kitchen cabinets, shelves and another place where cockroaches often visit.

That’s it. After you place the balls the cockroaches will approach the balls. As soon as they touch the balls they will be doomed and will not inform other cockroaches about it.

The ball will efficiently neutralize the cockroaches and thus a large number of cockroaches will start approaching the balls. In a couple of weeks, the cockroaches from your house will be gone forever.

Sometimes the new cockroaches which are a new generation formed from the eggs you need to repeat the process after six months or so.


The balls are free from toxic material and safe for you, your family and your pet. The boric acid is just a disinfectant and thus is nontoxic in nature.

Start using this method from today to keep your house free from cockroaches.