Here’s the secret behind egg expiration dates. Everyone should know this!

If you have eggs in your fridge you don’t have to worry about your breakfast. You can just have egg fry or boiled eggs or make an omelet or scramble them. There are a lot of ways to eat eggs and thus we buy eggs often.

Now, all of you health conscious people, you all must have checked the expiration date of things before your buy them from the supermarket. But do you have any idea of how long egg can last? Eggs do have expiration dates and you will be shocked that you were eating old eggs all the time.

We always look for fresh eggs and thus you might be buying eggs from the supermarket which has written ‘fresh eggs from farm’. However, you have no idea from how long these eggs were lying on the supermarket shelf.

A recent article by Lisa Steele, author of fresh eggs daily posted a picture on the blog to convey people that they are actually eating 10-20 days old eggs. If you check on the side of the egg packet or container in the supermarket you will find 2 things either Julian code and expiration date. If your egg cart says 344 as a Julian code, then the eggs were put in the packet on the 344th day of the calendar. Now you do the math- 356-344 days that is 21 days old. Isn’t it shocking that you might buy the eggs which are not at all fresh?

So, next time when you visit the grocery shop don’t believe on the expiration day and a tag of ‘fresh’ present on the egg cart. Check the Julian code, do your math and don’t buy the old eggs ever.

Pass on this important information to your friends and family members who often buy eggs from the supermarket.