You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy?

There seems to be a lot of baffling confusion and you must be probably obscure as to whether or not detoxifying is a wonder that really works. You must have come across numerous articles and blogs which point you towards detoxifying yourself. These include detoxifying diets, shampoos, brushes, capsules, tea bags, face packs and what not?

But is there really a great benefit that can sprout out of this? Is it true for real? Let us get closer to these points below.


Yeah! You have read it right. Detoxification of the body is a great fairy tale. Below are the most prominent facts which attest this saying:

  • Let us now talk about toxins. The so quoted word “toxins” is not basically properly defined by the manufacturing authorities of the detoxifying products which flood the market. Are they microbes? There is no clarity in this regard.
  • If your body is really filled with toxins as said, you would seriously be in need of strict medical intervention. Your life could be in a precarious condition. And detoxification would but hardly help.
  • Basically, the required detoxification is already made by our very own organs. These include the kidneys, the lungs, the liver and the skin. They make all the required toxin excretion.
  • You might be probably losing weight through the one-week detox diet because you have been almost starving yourself. So, it would be a natural tendency to lose some fat. But that ain’t going right. You are seriously the least purifying your body.
  • The so-called colon cleansing detoxing is an actual threat to your bowels, since they can get perforated extremely. The fecal deposition over the walls of the colon and the breeding ground of microbes is a plagued myth, according to many doctors.

Some very Gruesome methods to scandalize Detoxification Scheme:

There have been some hilariously unbelievable tactics adopted by some entrepreneurs and magnates to testify the falsely provoked reality of detoxification. Below are a few of those:

  • Few colon cleaning capsules are said to comprise of some polymerizing content which will make you pass out some rubbery content. You might just see them and be proudly convinced with yourself to have made the purchase of the capsule.
  • Some advertisers of detoxification have manufactured certain pads, which display a brown sight after usage. All of us are deceived with this as we assume that the detox process really did work. But in actuality, there is a certain kind of substance on the pads, which when comes into contact with the water in your sweat, will change to brown.

Alcohol and Detoxification:

  • Alcohol is another most used word in regard with toxins. Yes, it is wonderful to have countless non-alcohol days. But why do you think that your entire liver needs to have a great clean out?
  • Liver processes and breaks down alcohol in two simple steps:
  1. First converting alcohol into acetaldehyde, a harmful substance which can cause damage to the cells of the liver.
  2. Next, it almost automatically converts the acetaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide which the body will get rid of.
  • So, over consumption of alcohol can lead to the harm of your liver cells. But moderate consumption can activate your liver cell enzymes to act against any other poisonous stuff in your body.

Superfoods and the Best Detox Way:

  • Like told extravagantly, broccoli is truly a great superfood. But it is not so with detoxification. It is just like any other food like sprouts, cabbages, etc. It contains cyanide, but this too works similarly like the mechanism involved for alcohol breakdown.
  • The best way to detoxify you is by managing a superfluous diet, rich with greens and fruits, by avoiding excess tobacco and alcohol and by exercising regularly.
  • Keeping yourself away from the required diet will definitely do no good at all. The Mediterranean Diet is the best such diet which primarily includes nuts, salads, cheese, whole grain cereals, meat, and fish. So when the doctor himself is recommending you for this, why would you want to hold yourself back?

How did Detoxification become prominent?

This is the most important question at the hour. Let us see what has actually happened that this field has come into such limelight.

Do you remember the times when we were so much into the information influx in our lives? Well, we are still in the same position. We take in and send out huge lumps of info. So the genuineness of a specific product is always at a question when you read something online.

People make great assumptions that the world is well regulated and managed. But little do we realize the fact that we are only making assumptions which are entirely false and ostentatious. In the late 70s, there were huge pop-ups of the beauty and diet industry and the detox industry is just an extension of those.

Also, the ignorance or innocence of people drives them into believing the crap they find online. To understand a little piece of soap, you need to be a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Most people don’t possess that and are often misled by caparisoned advertisements.

Therefore, it is immensely required of you and all to comprehend the various recipes and info found online. We also need to understand the concept that our ignorance can lead advertisers to make great profits. As responsible citizens, it is our very responsibility to think twice when we are trying to imitate detox content and recipes which are found online. Any person talking about detoxification is either a fool or one to be.