Warning Signs of Magnesium Deficiency Most People Ignore and How to Cure It

The deficiency of magnesium is nowadays a big concern for people as the new research has proven that around 90% people suffer with it. This magnesium deficiency can lead to many medical issues related to blood pressure, immunity and metabolisms. The magnesium content in our body is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions.

The reason behind growing cases of magnesium deficiency includes poor soil, chlorine and fluoride content in the water. Also, the rapid consumption of sugar and caffeine also reduces the magnesium level in the body.

Here is some medical condition which can be controlled using magnesium

1. High Blood Pressure

As per the study  research done at the University of Harvard the people with proper magnesium level in their body are likely to be able to maintain normal blood pressure. Also, the risk of high blood pressure is 70% lower in the case of women who have a higher level of magnesium in the body.

The magnesium supplements are also recommended by other studies to reduce blood pressure.

2. Muscle Spasms and Cramps

The muscle stiffness which often leads to spasms and cramps are due to magnesium deficiency. The regular consumption of magnesium can resolve the problem in no time.

3. Bone Health

Magnesium as important as calcium for the bone health. Both the ingredient are important to have a healthy bone.

For the proper absorption of calcium vitamin D needs the active participation of magnesium. Thus, while taking a vitamin D make sure that you provide enough supply of magnesium to your body.

4. Anxiety and Depression

Magnesium is an active player which works with glutamate and calcium to synapse between two neurons. The magnesium defends the NMDA receptor which gets activated. The case of magnesium deficiency the lack of defender can lead to neuron damage. This a quite serious health issue which can be controlled with a magnesium supplement.

5. Arteries Calcification

The most dangerous health issue related to magnesium deficiency is arteries calcification which is associated with  hearth problems. In such cases, the calcification of arteries and blood clotting process stops due to deficiency of magnesium which can lead to heart attack.

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