It’s Finally Discovered What Causes Lung Cancer! You Won’t Believe It When You Read What This Is About!

Have a life close to nature is the trend spreading overall. The reason is that you can find peace and harmony near nature. Because now a day the environment around us is not good for our health. Whether it is a village, big city or an industrial zona the air is quite polluted and hazardous for us.

This polluted air can lead to harmful health issues and the risk of development of lung cancer is very high. We generally have a picture in a mind that smog, smoking, working in mines and genetics are the only causes of lung cancer. However, this is not true! Apart from this reason, the polluted air can also lead to lung cancer.

The altitude where you live is an important aspect linked to the air you breathe. The sea levels attitude that is lowlands have thicker air which means richer in oxygen. But it is no way beneficial and you will be shocked to know that it is actually dangerous for your body.

We consider oxygen as an essential element for our body. Our body convert the food into energy which is a metabolic process known as oxidation. This process floods the body with free radicals and these actually can lead to cancer.

These free radicals trigger immense changes in your body that it can even alter the DNA and even mutate the cells. This is what is a beginning of cancer. In this case, your lungs are on the first line to get affected due to free radicals.

It is a natural process although it sounds awful. Thus, you should consider moving to an area which is higher in altitudes which reduce the risk of development of lung cancer. Mountains are the place where you can find healthy and thinner air which allow you to breath properly.

The regular visits to mountain and high altitude areas will help your lungs to prevent the spread of dangerous aspect in full speed and the fight against oxygen will be lower down.

As per the recent research was done by American scientists, it is revealed that patients diagnosed with lung cancer decrease in every 1,000 meters of altitude above sea level.

So, take a chance and plan a trip to mountains, live near nature and remain safe from lung cancer.