When Your Doctor Suggests Regular Mammograms, This Is What You Need To Say Back

Many doctors are suggesting regular mammograms to women nowadays. Know about what it can lead to and why you should say back after getting such recommendation. Here are the details which Dr. Ben Johnson has shared in his recent interview.

Dr. Ben Johnson briefed what he wrote in the book titled The Secret of Health Breast Wisdom1. It is a book dedicated for women awareness and provides the shocking facts about the medical industry. Dr. Ben mentioned that the mammograms are actually causing breast cancer. It is not at all healthy for women and any women should not get ready to have a routine mammogram. This knowledge is already published in many peers reviewed literature.

Although it is clear that mammograms are not good for the health of a woman still whenever a women visit to her gynaecologist regarding breast health the first thing suggested is only mammogram. It should be clear to all of us that the mammograms are increasing 4% risk of dying for a woman.

Ty Bollinger: So, Do you mean the technique which we use to detect breast cancer is actually causing breast cancer to a lot of people?

Dr. Ben Johnson: Utterly right! It is clear that we are using a very terrible test. You should imagine that one is smashing a women’s breasts and then making them expose to cancer causing radiation. What will happen after it? It is a very insensitive process. This method is only 52% effective for the women under 50, I mean 52% means very close to 20, right?

Ty Bollinger: Yes.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Here if it means 50% then the technique is not detecting breast cancer in half of the women. Isn’t it a terrible test. There should be much better tests with more probability of detection and less risk. Still the medical industry is forcing on this terrible test which women’s are undergoing and which can cause cancer to them.

Ty Bollinger:  It should be replaced if it detects only 50% and also causes cancer. You said we should use better tests. What are these better test we can use to detect the breast cancer? 

Dr. Ben Johnson:  Yes, there is 2 better test available for breast cancer. If you got a lump and you think it is something which need to verify then you can go for an ultrasound. It is a great method which one should use. See it is a test of anatomy. While it is MRI’s or Mammograms or ultrasounds these are a test of anatomy. So, if the lump is already present you should go for a test of anatomy.

The ultrasound is much better to make the lumps visible and you can see it’s consistency. What it can also detect is lumps have calcium in it. The ultrasound can also look at blood flow as if the tumor is there then the blood flow must be increased. So, you see the sensitivity of ultrasound is 80% and thus much better and higher than mammograms.

Now, if you are just looking for prevention then you want a screening of the breast and you can go for a method called thermography.  The device used is an infrared thermal camera. You don’t have to smash the breasts and nothing touches the women. It is free from cancer causing radiations.

It omits the heat in the spectrum which is known as infrared. You might know the rays type infrared, visual, and ultraviolet. Thus, it’s a spectrum of light which not visible to our eyes, but it si detectable by the cameras. This device is developed by the military to detect the people sneaking at them during night time.

Ty Bollinger: Sure, then it will be like night vision goggles.

Dr. Ben Johnson: Absolutely in raw terms it is a  night vision goggles which is equipped with  infrared. This is a really good thing which we can use to detect the hotspots in the breast using infrared rays.

You should understand the process, before the development of the tumor, it is just a few cancer cells. The cancer cells can be present 8-10 years before the actual formation of tumor The cancer cells will start growing with a slow speed from 2 cells to 4 cells, then 16 cells then 144 cells and so on. It takes around 8 years before you get a centimeter long tumor which can be detected in ultrasound or a mammogram. And that is a too late condition. Here a one-centimetre tumor consist of about five-sixteenths of an inch means billions of cancer cells in it.

If your breast consists of billions of cancer cells it meals cancer has eroded in your lymphatic system and it is shedding cancer cell all over your body.  So, if mammograms are not detecting cancer on early stages and not saving lives then why mammograms. Why it is propagated all over that early detection will save lives and for that one should get a mammogram right now?

Ty Bollinger: Right.

Dr. Ben Johnson: The half statement here is true that early detection can save the life. But the mammography can not detect cancer in early stage and when it detect it is already too late. It has a cancer-causing radiation which are not at all good for the body.

Thus, it is clear that you are causing much more cancer then you are detecting it using mammography. One should go for the alternative method of cancer test which are free from harmful radiation and are more sensitive to detect cancer.