A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed

High blood pressure and diabetes in young age have become common now. Four years ago a young man got diagnosed as a patient of diabetes and high blood pressure. He was shocked with the news, but later he decided to take his health in his own hand and treat it using natural methods.

He started using different oils to treat the condition. Also, added a lot of raw fruits and vegetables in his diet. Eventually, he recovered from the health condition using the natural remedies.

The story goes like this, a young man accidently 4 years ago found out that he has diabetes. He uses to feel a lot thirsty all the time, thus, he visited a doctor and came back with a positive report on diabetes.

It was so shocking that his sugar level was 29. The doctor provides information that pancreas in his body is not at all functioning. Thus, he has to take insulin regularly in order to survive. With no option left he started taking insulin regularly. He was following the prescribed therapy and became physically active by doing sports.

Unfortunately, after a while, things got even worse. He slowly started suffering from other health problems as a side effect of the medication. His triglyceride levels raised to 16, the blood pressure was 150/100.

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, he decided to solve his own problems in a natural way.

Really, he saw a show called “The Edge of Science” on TV, which talked with Dr. John Zirdum, who devoured just raw sustenances for a long time. When the show completed, this young fellow pondered it well and chose to endeavor the same methodology. He acquired a blender and chose to change his life!

Amid the primary week, he encountered certain allurements, yet he overcame them, and the impacts of this administration were unmistakable soon, as his glucose levels tumbled to 5.

This was just mind blowing for him, as he attempted various solutions keeping in mind the end goal to acquire the same results. Subsequently, he quit taking insulin as he trusted that his new eating regimen can’t lift the sugar levels. For any case, he planned to backpedal to the same insulin treatment on the off chance that they increment. However, nothing changed, his glucose levels stayed stable and he began getting fitter.

In just 25 days, this young fellow lost 11 kilograms, and this pattern proceeded. After just 4 months, he was a totally new individual, he had 20 kilograms less, he took no insulin, however, his pulse was 120/70 and the triglyceride levels were 1.4. He no more utilized any pills and felt unbelievably glad and fulfilled.

Here is recipe of healthy juice which you can drink to remain healthy-

Things you need:

  • Bananas- 5
  • Apples- 2
  • Kiwis-2
  • Kale- a handful


  1. Take all the fruits and peel it properly.
  2. Cut them into small pieces and add it to your juicer.
  3. Add a ½ liter of water in it and get a smooth juice using the juice.
  4. Drink a ½ liter of the juice in the morning and keep enjoying the remaining juice throughout the day.

Additional tips:

On the off chance that you choose to tail this sort of daily routine of eating raw fruits, you ought to continually fruit salads,eat fresh fruits,  as well as tuna, since its utilization is instructed because of the high sums with respect to vitamin B12, which is vital for the body.

Since you can always eat natural products or vegetables, you won’t feel hungry, as the mind will realize that the stomach is full. Additionally, this administration is amazingly helpful, as it will give every one of the supplements expected to your brain and blood.

So, in order to treat the health issues in a natural way start eating the raw fruits from today and be free from the diseases.