34 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching

There exist a different kind of people who deals with stretch it can be a weekend warrior or chronic sitter or a daily exercise.

Every stretch boosts the process of blood flow so that ample amount of blood should reach to your joints and muscles. It improves the athletic performance, posture and reduces the risk of pain and injuries.

For the desired effect of stretch on your well-being, it is important to know all the details about the stretch and to make sure that you are performing the stretch in a right way. It is applicable to a simple exercise, flexibility routine or even yoga movements.

Before choosing a stretch for your exercise routine, one should learn about the goals you want to achieve through the exercise and which stretch is the best fit for it. Sometimes performing the stretch you can feel some pain in your joints and ligament.

Now, there are different kind of pain- good pain and bad pain. It is important to recognize if the pain is good or bad. The wrong stretch can create issues for you joint or you can get injured while doing the exercise.

One point you have to make sure that the stretches should be felt in your muscles of your belly and you should not feel any strain or pressure on your joints. If you are experiencing can kind of strain on your joints then it means your pushing the body part too much while performing the stretch. You should always concentrate on your breath while you are performing the stretch and your body movement should go natural.

You should feel the relaxing feeling when you return back to the normal position after a stretch. Instead of keeping a track of how long you should hold a position, try to hold it till the point it is painless.

Generally, 5-30 seconds is the time period one can stretch in a particular position. The pain in muscles in the sign that you should get back to the normal position.

Vicky Timon, a yoga expert and author of “Encyclopedia of Pilates Exercises” along with James Kilgallon, CSCS, creator of Mazio’s Body Maintenance Program have shared their views on the stretch along with much useful blood flow information.

Take a look at the different kind of stretch you can perform and the ideal way to perform all these stretches.


1. Wide Forward Fold

Stretching details- Muscles stressed: adductors.

This activity is incredible for extending the adductors and the hamstrings, and you simply need to open the hips.


  1. Begin with your knees bowed, holding your spine straight.
  2. As you begin feeling your muscles beginning to discharge, rectify your legs, round out your back and go after your feet.
  3. Pull effectively on the base of the bundles of your feet keeping in mind the end goal to discharge the calf muscles.
  4. In the event that you are an apprentice, you won’t have the capacity to achieve your feet, so then you should utilize a belt or a towel.
  5. This stretch can likewise be performed while you lie on your back and push your legs up the divider.