HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkeley College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die from Chemotherapy and In Terrible Pain!

The findings of Dr. Hardin B. Jones study on the impact of chemotherapy on cancer patients are terrifying! The research of 25 years has provided some shocking facts.

The cancer treatment is actually has become a profit earning process. Every time the cancer patient goes for radiation, chemotherapy or surgery everybody including hospitals, doctors and pharmaceutical companies earns big profit.

A 25 years study was done by Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor at the University of California, in the department of medical physics and physiology Berkeley provides the output that the chemotherapy is ineffective as well as very harmful for the patient.

The research has highlighted that as compared to alternative cancer treatment the patient on chemotherapy get the painful death and they generally die faster. The shocking fact revealed that chemotherapy is responsible for shortening the patient’s life. However, the fact is kept as a secret by the million-dollar industry of cancer treatment.

As per the paper published in the New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Johns stated that “When a patient refuse the chemotherapy his or her life gets on average of 12 and half years longer than the patient who go for chemotherapy. Once the chemotherapy treatment starts, the patient generally dies within 3 years or so.

The patient of Breast cancer who refuse to take the conventional therapy lives 4 times longer than the one who go for it. This truth is hidden and kept secret from the mass media and the cancer industry continue to recommend chemotherapy as best treatment to cure cancer.”

Some other studies also backed up the fact that chemotherapy is not useful to prolong the life expectancy of the patient. One of such study is published in Journal of the American Medical Association (1979) states that the conventional breast cancer treatment is not useful to increase the life of the patient.  The other studies such as one in Britain, published in The Lancet in 1980 and other in  Israel in 1978, revealed the same output.  The study has clearly explained that “Many patients who “died of cancer “actually get near to their death due to  chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy destroys the healthy cells in the body and just help to lower down the development of the cancer cells”.

The study also revealed that most people who “died of cancer” are actually got death due to malnutrition and damage in the immune system as chemotherapy destroy the healthy cells constantly.

It cost around 300,000-1,000,000$ per treatment for a chemotherapy which is harmful to the patient.The profit making process is the only thing which made the medical industry continue the chemotherapy for cancer patients.

The treatment neither prolong the life expectancy nor eliminates cancer. It only burdens the patient body which makes the patient die eventually!