Zika virus: President Obama calls for urgent action

    Babies born with underdeveloped brains has become a concern for US President Barack Obama as well. Recently US President as given a statement that urgent action against the Zika virus is required.

    He emphasises that treatment and vaccines for Zika virus should be developed with speedy research work. As per the report of World Health Organization, the virus is likely to spread all across America.

    The Zika virus is already spread around 21 countries in the North and South America as well as the Caribbean. The symptoms of this diseases are observed as conjunctivitis, mild fever and headache.

    The horrifying effect of this virus is not on the adult but medical professional are worried about the damage the Zika virus is causing to the babies in the womb of affected women.

    Brazil has observed the deadly impact of this virus on babies in the terms of a spike in microcephaly. The babies are born with small heads and development disorders. Many countries in South and Central America as requested women to delay the pregnancy if possible for next 2 years.

    Shockingly in Brazil 3,893 reported cases of microcephaly are reported since October compared with 160 cases in the previous annual average.


    • From Latin America, a Danish tourist was returning home has been diagnosed with Zika.Such cases happen earlier in Europe include Britain, Germany and Sweden
    • As per the report of health officials in the US states of Arkansas and Virginia has two residents who travelled outside America then got infected with Zika and have tested positive for the virus. This fact was noted by the AP news agency as well.
    • Grupo LATAM, the largest Latin America airline, has announced it is flight-change fees or waiving cancellation for pregnant women who want to cancel flights to nations where Zika virus is active.

    Virus ‘may spread’

    “The president stressed the need to quicken research endeavors to improve accessible symptomatic tests, to create antibodies and therapeutics, and to guarantee that all Americans have data about the Zika infection,” the White House said in an announcement.

    Mr Obama was advised on the potential spread of the infection by senior authorities on Tuesday, with one late study proposing that the infection might influence areas where 60% of the US populace lives.

    His representative said it was basic for all Americans to have data about the infection and measures they can take to ensure themselves.

    US National Institutes of Health Director Dr Francis Collins referred to a Lancet concentrate prior this month in which analysts cautioned the infection could spread in hotter months along ranges of the east and west banks of the US and a significant part of the Midwest, where around 200 million individuals live.

    The concentrate additionally demonstrates that almost 23 million more individuals live in sticky parts of the US where mosquitoes conveying the infection can survive lasting through the year.

    “It is currently fundamentally critical to affirm, through cautious epidemiological and creature examines, regardless of whether a causal connection exists between Zika infection diseases in pregnant ladies and microcephaly in their infants,” Dr Collins said.

    On Tuesday Brazil’s government said it would deploy 220,000 soldiers in order to begin the fight with Zika virus. The soldiers will try to create awareness among people by handing a leaflet to every home by going door to door.

    Health Minister Marcelo Castro has made this  announcement as Brazil was “losing badly” while fighting the deadly virus of Zika.

    Points to Keep in Mind

    • Zika virus gets transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito, it is common carrier for dengue fever and yellow fever
    • It was 1st discovered in 1940 in Africa but is now spreading in Latin America
    • It has strong linkage with the microcephaly disease among babies which leads to the birth of babies with small heads.
    • In an adult it shows symptoms like fever and rash and no death is reported to an adult due to Zika virus.
    • It has no cure and no treatment available to get rid of Zika virus
    • However we can prevent Zika by using mosquito repellent, clear stagnant water and women should delay the pregnancy for next 2 years.

    Pass on this information. Stay protected from Zika virus and stay healthy.

    Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-35417979