How To Recognize And Prevent A Heatstroke

In the high temperatures of peak summer, it gets almost impossible to avoid the wrath of a heat stroke. Especially in the case of sport-loving persons or funky trip-love people, it is the most prominent to understand the basic facts that would help largely prevent the occurrence of a heat stroke.

How is a Heat Stroke Usually Caused?

A heat stroke is generally caused when the strenuous physical activity is done at high climate temperatures. It is sometimes caused due to the excessive heat that occupies specifically targeted areas.

But majorly, it is likely to occur when there is a gruelling physical activity done in hot temperatures. The natural sweating of the body can help cure the condition but in extreme cases, the consecutive heat stroke cannot be avoided.

Obstruct a Heat Stroke with the following Measures:

A pound of prevention is better than an ounce of cure. So it is more prominent to avoid getting prone to a heat stroke than that of curing it. Below are some very masterly measures that would help you up in doing this:

  • Drink Plenty of Water:

Though or not you are prone to a heat stroke, you must drink heaps of huge quantities of water. The number of ounces of water to be drunk can be easily calculated. Divide your body weight by 2. And drink these many ounces of water in a single day to avert away a heat stroke.

  • Reduce Fatty Food:

Adhere yourself to foods that are light and take less time and energy to get digested. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.

  • Employ Sunscreen lotions:

Make sure that you are applying a sunscreen lotion whenever you are stepping outdoors. If your skin gets sun-burnt, you are losing one of the most important defense mechanisms of your body to fight against the sun. Therefore, it is significant for you to secure your skin.

  • Avoid high-temperature timings:

These timings are primarily from around 10 am to 2 pm. At this particular duration, there is immense heating and very high temperature. So try to the maximum extent to avoid going out during this time.

  • Ward off tight and dark wear:

When you are out in the sun, make sure that you are wearing loose and light clothing. Draping tight and dark clothes can tremendously increase sweating and also the temperature of your body.

  • Cool your body with showers:

Your body might experience swollen temperatures. At this time, your body will be in a grave necessity of coldness. So try to take frequent cold showers to lessen the increased temperature of your body.

  • Slow down yourself:

Do not rush up with your doings. Go with a steady and an appropriate pace in setting up things right for yourself.

  • Drink a lot of juices:

Consuming healthy cum delicious juices of fresh fruits and veggies can make your appetite content and also your body temperature to get lowered. Watermelon juice, lemon juice, etc are best in connection with this.

Experiencing a heat stroke is rightly a very gruesome story. So make use of the above preventive precautions to keep yourself secure from the harm of a heat stroke. Be consistent enough with putting in your efforts.