After Reading This, You Will Always Put On Socks When Going To Bed! Here’s What Happens!

It’s winter time and along with the warm blankets and sweaters, you start using your socks. We use socks during our office ours along with our shoes and have a habit to remove it the moment we reach home. Generally, in winter we sleep with the socks on to keep our feet warm. But what if you will come to know that you should put on socks every night and it has its own health benefits? Well then probably you would like to wear socks all the time.

A recent scientific study has proved that when you put on the socks before you hit the bed, your blood vessels get spread and signal the brain to slow down the function as it’s time to take rest.

It is a way to improve your sleep and it will also enhance your sex life.

Groningen University has conducted the effect of wearing socks on our body and revealed very interesting results. The study shows that around 80% of couples who wear socks while having sex experienced orgasm.

They scanned the brain signals while people wear the socks. There is also one more experiment which has proven that not wearing socks while having sex significantly reduce the chance of hitting the orgasm stage.

Thus, it has clearly shown that there is a connection between putting on the socks and the sex life.

Note: If you want to wear socks overnight then do remove the socks once you reach home after office (if you are wearing them a whole day). Let the feet get some fresh air for a while and then wear socks again while going to sleep.

Wearing socks all the time will increase chances of fungal overgrowth on feet. So, keep some span of 3-4 hours when you walk on barefoot and let the feet experience fresh air.

Once you reach home, remove the socks and clean your feet with mild soap. Make it dry using a clean towel, then before you hit the bed wear a new and clean pair of socks and have a good night sleep.

Enhance your sleep and sex life using this simple trick. Share your experience with us and also convey us the simple tricks you use to maintain good health.