One Ingredient Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free (Without Chemicals)

Do you hate the bugs and spiders? Many people either hate those insects or are afraid of them. Some people have small kids in the home and thus want to keep the home free from bugs and spider. In any of these cases, it is essential to eliminate the bugs from your home.

The use of chemicals for pest control is often risky as the chemicals are poisonous in nature. Thus, here are some natural ways for you using which you can get rid of bugs and spiders. You just have to use some of the household items to get a bug-free home.

Let’s know the different ingredients and methods you can use to get rid of insects.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil smells awesome and keeps the spiders away from your home. Just buy a bottle of peppermint oil from the grocery or organic shop and spray it in your home. You can also directly spray peppermint oil on the spider web for the desired result.


The smell of citrus fruit is quite irritating for the bugs. So, you can get peels of some citrus fruit such as lemon or oranges and rub it on your walls, window sills, baseboard and other parts of your home. Soon your home will be a bug- free.


Cedar is spider and insect resistant, so can keep your home protect from these nasty creatures. Use a cedar mulch all around the home as a defensive blockade. You can also use cedar for dressers, cupboards and hangers as well.  It will keep insects away from your home.

Vinegar Spray

Vinegar spray is easy to use and very effective to keep your home bug-free. Just pour vinegar in a spray bottle and use it to spray around your home. You can target the spiders directly and places where bugs are found always.

Keep Yard Clean

Keep your yard clean and wash the plants regularly to get rid of spiders. Throw the garbage of fallen leaves or piles of wood  regularly. Keep checking the roots of your plants and the clear the dump area regularly as there are more chances of bug attack in such area. Cut the big plant and keep them in shape so that sunlight will reach to every part of your yard.

Keep Home Clean

Remove the spider webs or cobwebs regularly from your home. Make sure that your home gets enough sunlight and bugs are normally found in the humid area. Keep your windows open during day time so that maximum sunlight will reach your home.

Eliminate Other Pests

Spiders survive on other pests as it eats small insects. Get rid of small insects in your home using citrus or essential oil remedy. You can also use pounded mint leaves to get rid of a fly. For ants, slices of cucumber are enough to make them go away. The combination of garlic nd pepper powder also works great to keep your home bug-free.

So, use all these simple methods to keep your home clean, pleasant, safe for your children and bug-free.